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Legends of Myself 131

January 24, 2020


131. Goodbye to the Skeena And finally we had to leave. Some of it we carried with us when we went. I remember almost 10 years later my father buying another coffee percolator, explaining how he missed the smell of coffee brewing. Percolators long ago ceased being the technology of choice for making coffee. But […]

Legends of Myself 130

January 20, 2020


130. The Boneyard, 1965. High Boat on the River One week while the fishing was on, a storm came to the Boneyard. It wasn’t the kind of storm that the motorized gillnetters on the river would have much trouble with, although it might make pilot and crews nervous, I suspect. A large boat or ship […]

Legends of Myself 129

January 17, 2020


129. The Boneyard, 1965. Fishing the Skeena For five days a week, you were basically as busy as you wanted to be in the Boneyard, and sometimes that was busy and sometimes that wasn’t busy at all. However, after fishing season began, the two days a week that the river was open for fishing were […]

Legends of Myself 128

January 5, 2020


128. The Boneyard, 1965. Before the Season The paths to and from our cabin had been encroached on by bushes, weeds, ferns and other greenery since the month-or-so that we’d been gone from the Boneyard, and we needed our machetes the next day to make them wide enough again so that we weren’t soaked in […]

Legends of Myself 93

August 16, 2014


93.  The Boneyard, 1961: Mail-Order Fire, and Boots Too The fire in Essington happened near the beginning of summer, as the calendar says, though it is located at no particular time in my own memory of that Boneyard summer.  As the summer progressed, some funds from fishing would have started to come in.  That resulted in […]

Legends of Myself 91

August 3, 2014


91.  The Boneyard, 1961: Peter Visits Of course, I knew nothing about my brother Don in 1961.  The only one of Squires’ sons I recall meeting those days wasn’t Don but his brother Peter, who was about the same age as I.  He came to stay at the Boneyard for a few days that summer, […]

Legends of Myself 69

April 1, 2013


69. The Boneyard, 1960:  Ephemeral Cities on the Skeena Living along the railway tracks a mile away from somewhere-not-very-much is not quite roughing it, but not quite civilization either.  Similarly situated along a road rather than a railway is alike but not alike. On a road, you have your own ride out or someone may be […]