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Legends of Myself 91

August 3, 2014


91.  The Boneyard, 1961: Peter Visits Of course, I knew nothing about my brother Don in 1961.  The only one of Squires’ sons I recall meeting those days wasn’t Don but his brother Peter, who was about the same age as I.  He came to stay at the Boneyard for a few days that summer, […]

Legends of Myself 74

April 27, 2013


74. Inside Passage, 1960: The Most Perfect Morning We were going to begin our journey to Vancouver from the Boneyard.  My father went ahead and prepared things, disappearing for about a day and a half, then came back and got me in Prince Rupert.  We rode the train to Haysport, then walked the tracks to […]

Legends of Myself 69

April 1, 2013


69. The Boneyard, 1960:  Ephemeral Cities on the Skeena Living along the railway tracks a mile away from somewhere-not-very-much is not quite roughing it, but not quite civilization either.  Similarly situated along a road rather than a railway is alike but not alike. On a road, you have your own ride out or someone may be […]

Legends of Myself 50

December 14, 2012


Continued from Legends of Myself 49 50. Port Essington, 1958:  Playground Essington, Part 2 I’m not sure when running shoes became the definitive footgear of youth.  They had nothing to do with the footwear of Port Essington, 1958.  We wore either leather shoes or gumboots.  And the sound of these on wooden sidewalks must have […]

Legends of Myself 48

September 1, 2012


Continued from Legends of Myself 47 48. Port Essington, 1958:  The Sledding Hill Although my earliest memories are of Essington, the time I came to know my home village best was in 1958, when I went to live there with Uncle Gus, Auntie Irene, and my cousins.  I was not to get a later chance. Uncle […]

Legends of Myself 46

May 17, 2012


Continued from Legends of Myself 45 46. Prince Rupert, 1958/Spaksuut, 1793:  I Save Port Essington The Two Essingtons.  Sir William Essington of the Royal Navy—a clever, dashing fellow for his day, of course, despite his low profile lately—had two remote patches of territory named after him.  Port Essington on the northern coast of Australia, was settled […]

Legends of Myself 6

September 1, 2010


Continued from Legends of Myself 5 8.  The Emptying of Essington The world that my father grew up into was a world deeply divided on racial lines.  The racial hierarchy implicit in his schooling was explicit outside of school.  The fishing communities of the British Columbia coast were utterly ghettoized.  Spokeshute had an Indian reserve, which […]