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Legends of Myself 95

August 17, 2014


95.  Prince Rupert. 1961: Milk Cans and Dinky Toys When they came to town, Marylou was 12, scheduled to turn 13 that November, and Irene was 15.  Irene was a little too much older than me to bond with as a peer, and I was too snobby intellectually to accept her in a motherly, elder-sisterly […]

Legends of Myself 94

August 17, 2014


Part V.  FAMILY, 1961-1962 94.  Prince Rupert, 1961: Sideburns and Sisters And yet I can’t help but wonder whether the fire that burned down our shack in the Boneyard didn’t lead to what followed, and whether—ultimately—that was a good thing or not.  What followed, in the course of things, was a misfortune, a kind of […]

Legends of Myself 86

December 1, 2013


86.  Prince Rupert, 1961: The Wrong Child Prince Rupert also meant Pop.  When I returned, he still lived in his room in the grey-lumbered apartments on 8th Avenue, and I expect I crossed the ridge back of downtown to visit him there as I had before.  But one day he turned up in our room […]

Legends of Myself 85

November 27, 2013


85. Prince Rupert, 1961: Schools, Comics, Tickets and Canary Wallpaper When I returned to Prince Rupert in the spring of 1961, I also returned to Roosevelt School, to finish grade five where I had begun it.  It didn’t feel like a return particularly.  I wasn’t placed in the same class, and I didn’t recognize the […]

Legends of Myself 73

April 26, 2013


73. Prince Rupert, 1960:  Caretaking by Proxy Once he had established me in school, my father returned for one more month of fishing at the Boneyard.  He left me under one of the strangest caretaking arrangements I had so far encountered. I’m not sure how my father imagined the arrangements were being carried out.  He […]

Legends of Myself 72

April 20, 2013


72. Prince Rupert, 1960:  A Book in a Day August ended, and the summer holidays, and I had to move out of the dynamite shack in the Boneyard.  My father brought us into Prince Rupert, to the rooms above the Grand Café again, to enroll me in school.  School was Roosevelt School up on the […]

Legends of Myself 71

April 11, 2013


71. The Boneyard, 1960: Fifty-Three Meteors The Skeena is rightly named “the river of mists” as the original Tsimshian form of the name suggests.  Mist, cloud, rain with splashes of blue overhead.  It was not a place to breed stargazers or astronomers, one would think.  But I must have looked up at the Boneyard sky […]