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Legends of Myself 134

February 16, 2020


134. Prince Rupert and Vancouver, 1965-66. Departures and Arrivals There was a little hole in the window to our room at the lower right corner of the glass which the kittens liked to poke their noses out of occasionally. I stood at that same window often to look out on the street. On Fridays and […]

Legends of Myself 133

February 9, 2020


133. Prince Rupert, 1965. Sticky Quarters, Skeptics and Star Weekly Signs For the period September through December of 1965, Reynold and I were the most famous of famous friends. Mutt and Jeff. Alphonse and Gaston. Reynold and Ted. I struggle to remember what we actually did most of the time. I recall us one night […]

Legends of Myself 132

January 29, 2020


132. Prince Rupert, 1965. Ducking Out of School I seriously dislike it when someone wastes my time. If I’m to waste my time, I prefer to do it myself. In Prince Rupert I could read the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (45 cents or 50 in the back-corner rack at Eddie’s newsstand) or comic books […]

Legends of Myself 95

August 17, 2014


95.  Prince Rupert. 1961: Milk Cans and Dinky Toys When they came to town, Marylou was 12, scheduled to turn 13 that November, and Irene was 15.  Irene was a little too much older than me to bond with as a peer, and I was too snobby intellectually to accept her in a motherly, elder-sisterly […]

Legends of Myself 94

August 17, 2014


Part V.  FAMILY, 1961-1962 94.  Prince Rupert, 1961: Sideburns and Sisters And yet I can’t help but wonder whether the fire that burned down our shack in the Boneyard didn’t lead to what followed, and whether—ultimately—that was a good thing or not.  What followed, in the course of things, was a misfortune, a kind of […]

Legends of Myself 86

December 1, 2013


86.  Prince Rupert, 1961: The Wrong Child Prince Rupert also meant Pop.  When I returned, he still lived in his room in the grey-lumbered apartments on 8th Avenue, and I expect I crossed the ridge back of downtown to visit him there as I had before.  But one day he turned up in our room […]

Legends of Myself 85

November 27, 2013


85. Prince Rupert, 1961: Schools, Comics, Tickets and Canary Wallpaper When I returned to Prince Rupert in the spring of 1961, I also returned to Roosevelt School, to finish grade five where I had begun it.  It didn’t feel like a return particularly.  I wasn’t placed in the same class, and I didn’t recognize the […]