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Legends of Myself 131

January 24, 2020


131. Goodbye to the Skeena And finally we had to leave. Some of it we carried with us when we went. I remember almost 10 years later my father buying another coffee percolator, explaining how he missed the smell of coffee brewing. Percolators long ago ceased being the technology of choice for making coffee. But […]

Legends of Myself 92

August 6, 2014


92.  July 5, 1961:  Port Essington Burning Dates are scarce for most of the events in my life.  Nowadays we get a date-stamp when we purchase milk at the store, but the dates I usually assign to matters from my early life are necessarily approximations.  But one day I am certain of is when Port […]

Legends of Myself 68

April 1, 2013


68.  Summer, 1960:  The Boneyard The summer of 1960, my father and I returned to the Skeena estuary, but it was to the opposite side of where I had stood before.  I was already familiar with Haysport.  It was the CNR flagstop that served Port Essington, and when I had last stayed in Port Essington […]

Legends of Myself 58

January 23, 2013


58.  Prince Rupert, 1959:  The Grand Café Goodbye to Spaksuut.  My departure from Port Essington in 1959 was the final one for me.  I stood many times in view of it.  I gazed at it across the river.  But I never again crossed the Skeena while it continued to exist, which was until the mid-1960s.  […]

Legends of Myself 57

January 15, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 56 57.  Port Essington, 1958-59:  A Picture on the Schoolhouse Steps Some final images of Spaksuut, perhaps.  Packages of bluing above the washing machine, to make bedsheets cleaner than clean, 1950s fashion.  Penny loafers with pennies in them.  Gelatine capsules of cod liver oil, a little nutritional redundancy on top of […]

Legends of Myself 56

January 10, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 55 56.  Port Essington, 1958-59:  Smoke Signals and Putt-Putts Putt-Putt.  In 1958-59, my Uncle Gus’ fishing boat was powered by a 10 Easthope engine.  It was archaic technology even for 1958, and I believe he had traded up to a different boat with a more modern engine by the following season.  […]

Legends of Myself 55

January 8, 2013


  Continued from Legends of Myself 54 55.  Two Stories from Spaksuut The Wolf, Deer and Salmon People.  My brother Aleck, who is bound to know these things better than I, told me a story which he said belonged to the Wolves of Spaksuut.  By Wolves, he meant Wolf Clan, which I belong to through my […]