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Legends of Myself 100

November 3, 2014


100.  Burnaby, 1961:  Rabbit Ears and Gorilla Suits The Sunset Auto Court was technically a motel, with two-vehicle garages separating the apartments.  But the place was filled with families, and I don’t remember too many of them having cars.  The garages between the apartments were mostly empty. Our place was a one bedroom apartment with […]

The Vindication of Comic Sans

July 4, 2012


If WordPress is capable of accommodating Comic Sans, I don’t know how to make it.  The Higgs boson has finally been discovered.  Maybe scientists can now turn their efforts to this other problem.   In the meantime, a message from a much-abused typeface…

Legends of Myself 20

July 11, 2011


Continued from Legends of Myself 19 21.2.  Mission, 1956-57, Part 2 Superman, Mighty Mouse, and Newton’s Laws.  Mission was the first time I recall encountering television.  I don’t remember watching it all that much.  It was just this pale flickering thing, black and white, in the corner of the living room, not always on because there […]