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Legends of Myself 135

March 1, 2020


135. The Mediterranean Sea, 2001. In Conclusion So there I was in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on a ferry to Tunisia. I had caught a morning bus out of Palermo to Trapani, from which the ferry sailed. At the ferry terminal, the passenger waiting area was dominated by Tunisians going home. Tunisians apparently […]

Legends of Myself 120

October 16, 2019


120. Vancouver, 1964. Victory The household that my father nominated to Children’s Aid as my new foster family could hardly have been more different from the agency’s choices on my behalf, and my new neighbourhood was rather a contrast, too. “R”, my fifth foster father, was Irish by descent, identity and politics. He was thin, […]

Legends of Myself 119

October 14, 2019


119. Cloverdale, 1964. Incorrigible For my fourth foster home, Children’s Aid again assigned me to Cloverdale. I don’t know whether it was because they still envisioned a rural life to cure young Ted of being who he was, or whether it was because of the particular qualities of my new foster mother, again, a cure […]

Legends of Myself 118

October 11, 2019


118. Richmond, 1964. Escape As a father and grandfather, I have seen that young children live in a world of touching, sitting on, cozying in, leaning against, holding. Love and home is tactile, and it presumes the absolute right of the child to be there. I don’t think that that basic relationship changes, either, as […]

Legends of Myself 117

October 9, 2019


117. Richmond, 1963-64. Beatles, Barbers and Radios You didn’t go to Garden City Road for high culture. It was not that flavour of household. Nor did my foster family indicate much if any lingering cultural influence from Eastern Europe. As for Fred, I don’t suppose he had any more awareness of such things than most […]

Legends of Myself 116

October 1, 2019


116. Richmond, 1963-64. Jiggers, Squares and Holy Cats In September I continued at Cambie School and began Grade Eight. Grade Eight, as I recall, was a good year for English reading. We were assigned a book of Greek myths, which fit neatly with my own already well-established love of fairy tales . Then we read […]

Legends of Myself 115

September 29, 2019


115. Richmond, 1963. Summer of a Hermit Crab I know very little about what my father did while I was scrabbling about in the foster system. I know that somewhere in there he paid a visit to the Boneyard, and I suspect that was 1963, but I really can’t be sure. I know again that […]

Legends of Myself 111

September 8, 2019


111. Steveston, 1962. French Horns, Phantom Allowances and the Issue of Standing Family life for most children is not an audition. In a real family, in a real home, the issue of belonging is settled. For a foster child, however, belonging is not settled. It is the very nature of strangers that you don’t know […]

Legends of Myself 110

September 6, 2019


110. Steveston, 1962. The Most Likely Candidate It’s hard to imagine any foster home with a blue ribbon on it, the inscription “Acceptable to Teddy” posted on the door. Given that I fundamentally didn’t accept the decision that had been made for me in that Vancouver family court. Given my undiminished loyalty and attachment to […]

Legends of Myself 109

September 2, 2019


109. Shrug While I’m in the company of my sisters, and before I climb into the social worker’s car to ride to my next placement, let’s talk a little about families. Foster agencies don’t do family very well. I had been separated from my parent all right, but I had also been separated from my […]