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Requerimiento (1513)

January 7, 2011


The following document was written by Palacios Rubios in 1513.  The Requirement or the requerimiento required Aboriginal people who heard it to surrender their lands and freedom to Spain, or face war and slavery.   As it came to be used, the mere reading of the document — in what would have been incomprehensible Spanish, sometimes […]

The Pope Grants the Americas to Spain: Inter Caetera, May 4, 1493

January 6, 2011


Pope Alexander VI was born in Spain. His original name was Rodrigo Borgia. He was the father of Lucrezia Borgia and Cesare Borgia. The papal bull Inter Caetera, issued by Pope Alexander VI on May 4, 1493, granted the Americas to Spain.  A papal bull was a papal decree, intended to be taken as the […]

Archaeological Sites in British Columbia & Other Dates

October 8, 2010


(Note:  BP means before the present, with the present being standardized at 1950.  These dates, when not taken from historical data*, are the result by and large of radiocarbon dating and are approximations only.) 30,000 BP – Beringia settled Beringia is a territory comprising parts of Siberia, Alaska, the Yukon and a now-lost area beneath […]

History of Aboriginal America 5: Isabella’s Loophole & the Mind-Tricks of the Colonizer

October 7, 2010


7.  Isabella’s Loophole and the Birth of Colonial Ideology Colonialism in the Americas was launched in 1492.  And along with colonialism came colonial ideology, the justifications for colonialism and for colonial relationships. Human beings are moral animals, which is simply a function of our being social animals.  Thus when we do something which is clearly […]

An Informal Chronology of the Aboriginal Land Question in B.C.

October 2, 2010


Joseph Trutch, 1867: The Indians really have no right to the lands they claim, nor are they of any actual value or utility to them. . . . Joseph Trutch made Indian land policy from 1864 to 1871. During his regime, the standard reserve allocation became a maximum of ten acres per family of five. […]

History of Aboriginal America 4 – Columbus & the Race for the Americas

October 1, 2010


5.  Hero What qualities make a hero? What shall we tell the children when they see his statue in the square? Our brave hero, Columbus, was bull-headed and ignorant, ungrateful, greedy, ambitious, ruthless, reckless, a murderer, a whiner and a liar. These are not the usual qualities of our pop culture heroes, perhaps, but you […]

History of Aboriginal America 3 – Chronicle of the Destruction of the Indies

September 19, 2010


1441.  Antao Goncalves, sailing for Prince Henry the Navigator, travels down the West Coast of Africa to Cabo Branco in the north of the present day Mauritania, seizes a dozen Africans to bring home to his Prince.  Prince Henry was pleased.  Zurara, Prince Henry’s historian writes: ‘How great his joy must have been … not […]