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Legends of Myself 81

July 2, 2013


81. Hartley Bay, 1960: An Epiphany of Wolves I have always considered 1960 an important year.  The Boneyard happened then, and my journey up the Inside Passage.  In the Slough at Gitanmaax I learned to swim, and in the dynamite shack beside the railroad tracks and the Skeena Estuary I discovered stars and fairy tales.  In […]

Legends of Myself 80

July 1, 2013


80. Hartley Bay, 1960:  Teddy’s Smart My father hovered around the Inside Passage a little while after dropping me off at Hartley Bay.  He must have done some more fishing.  The last I saw of our skiff was pulled up on the float at Hartley Bay, the net tangled with (by then, dead) crabs. Before […]

Legends of Myself 79

June 30, 2013


79. Hartley Bay, 1960-61: Play and School The transition from the Boneyard to the Inside Passage was a change of water as well as place.  The waters of the Skeena Estuary are murky, silty, sandy.  In the Inside Passage and at Hartley Bay, they are green and clear.  The waters of the Skeena and Bulkley […]

Legends of Myself 76

May 12, 2013


76. Inside Passage, 1960:  Klemtu Brides Klemtu was once—and I suppose still is—Klemdulxk, which is Tsimshian for “blocked passage.”  There was once a thick forest of kelp to slow traffic in Klemtu harbour. The village has also been called Kitasoo—which I suppose it still is in some households.  That’s Tsimshian for “place of two peoples.”  […]

Legends of Myself 75

May 9, 2013


75. The Inside Passage, 1960:  Traveling South That first night was the last night I spent sleeping under the pup tent in the bow of our rowboat.  I admit I wanted to awaken to more mornings like that first morning in Grenville Channel.  But my father’s long day of rowing out of the Boneyard proved […]

Legends of Myself 74

April 27, 2013


74. Inside Passage, 1960: The Most Perfect Morning We were going to begin our journey to Vancouver from the Boneyard.  My father went ahead and prepared things, disappearing for about a day and a half, then came back and got me in Prince Rupert.  We rode the train to Haysport, then walked the tracks to […]

Legends of Myself 73

April 26, 2013


73. Prince Rupert, 1960:  Caretaking by Proxy Once he had established me in school, my father returned for one more month of fishing at the Boneyard.  He left me under one of the strangest caretaking arrangements I had so far encountered. I’m not sure how my father imagined the arrangements were being carried out.  He […]