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Legends of Myself 66

March 17, 2013


66. Gitanmaax 1959-1960:  Winter When my father arrived for a visit at Christmas, I suspect if I had told him about my Grade Four teacher’s experiments in classroom apartheid, he would have taken me out of Hazelton on the next train to the coast.  He wasn’t likely to tolerate abuse towards me of any sort, […]

Legends of Myself 65

March 6, 2013


65. Gitanmaax/Hazelton, 1959:  Town and Field Town.  Hazelton has a miniature town centre, dressed up these days to look cute and old-timey, hopefully to lure the tourists in.  I don’t remember it being nearly so compact, but at nine or ten, one’s expectations might be more compact.  It was large enough for our purposes then. […]

Legends of Myself 63

February 25, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 62 63.  Hazelton, 1959-1960:  The Middle Row After the local late nineteen century gold rush was over (which was very quickly) and once again after the railway-induced land rush at the beginning of the 20th century which left the original site of Hazelton off to the side—out of the mainstream—facing a […]

Legends of Myself 62

February 14, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 61 62. Gitanmaax, 1959-60:  A Playground on the Edge of Town I don’t remember arriving in Gitanmaax in 1959.  It’s surprising how few of those kind of memories have survived, despite the importance of arrivals and departures in the stories people tell.  Perhaps when you spend much of your life arriving […]

Legends of Myself 60

January 30, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 59 60.  Prince Rupert, 1959:  Rest Is a Weapon My stay in Prince Rupert in the summer of 1959 was mostly free of incident, more an establishing shot of a story to be continued later than a story in itself. In relation to my previous stays in town, I was exploring […]

Legends of Myself 59

January 29, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 58 59. Prince Rupert, 1959: Totem and Capitol Gary Cooper at the Capitol.  Although my return to Prince Rupert brought me to a different part of town, I still regularly climbed the ridge at the back of downtown and over the hill to 8th Avenue where Old Pop lived.  My grandfather […]

Legends of Myself 58

January 23, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 57 58.  Prince Rupert, 1959:  The Grand Café My departure from Port Essington in 1959 was the final one for me.  I stood many times in view of it.  I gazed at it across the river.  But I never again crossed the Skeena while it continued to exist, which was until […]

Legends of Myself 57

January 15, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 56 57.  Port Essington, 1958-59:  A Picture on the Schoolhouse Steps Some final images of Spaksuut: Packages of bluing above the washing machine, to make bedsheets cleaner than clean, 1950s fashion. Penny loafers with pennies in them. Gelatine capsules of cod liver oil, a little nutritional redundancy on top of a […]

Legends of Myself 56

January 10, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 55 Port Essington, 1958-59:  Putt-Putts, Smoke Signals In 1958-59, my Uncle Gus’ fishing boat was powered by a 10 Easthope engine.  It was archaic technology even for 1958, and I believe he had traded up to a different boat with a more modern engine by the following season.  Most Indigenous people […]

Legends of Myself 53

January 2, 2013


Continued from Legends of Myself 52 53.  Port Essington, 1958-59:  Pipes, Inkwells and Old Tom The school in Port Essington was back of the boardwalk known as Lansdowne Street, perhaps a hundred yards from Gus and Irene’s house, hardly more.  That meant it must have stood in front of the same hill, also behind our house, […]