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There Are No Perfect Songs

July 28, 2013


I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the perfect song.  Perfection means you need go no further.  No other work is needed.  Stop now.  The job is done. There are no songs like that. Let’s move past the strong objection that nothing could be perfect anyway and just get […]

Our Biggest Challenge (Music video)

September 14, 2012


The following climate change video, put together by the musical folk at Symphony of Science, features the most famous mutton-chops in science fiction, Isaac Asimov, which is already enough to sell it to me.  But Bill Nye, the (musical) science guy, in a neon-blue polka dot bowtie helps too. I didn’t read Asimov only for his science fiction, […]

Blues for a Sunday Afternoon

July 29, 2012


I get the blues sometimes … and then I think I shouldn’t be having all the fun.  So for everybody who is not already fortunate enough to have the blues, a random blues list for a warm Sunday afternoon…. To start off, think the deep Texas soul of Janis Joplin wrapped around the blues classic Trouble in […]

Father Theo’s Christmas Playlist

December 25, 2011


Frankly, I grew tired of most Christmas songs a long time ago.  The overkill started setting in for me in 1961 or thereabouts, and the majority I’d prefer to never hear again. But I will, I will, unless–during the ever-extending Christmas season–I avoid every store and mall in the land until the day I die. […]

Deep in the Delta Blues

September 21, 2011


It all started down on Will Dockery’s plantation when Charlie Patton was having women troubles and decided to take arms against the blues by learning the blues.  Charlie had a lot of woman-trouble after that, because he really did learn the blues.  But nobody really thinks woman-trouble is always a bad thing, and it’s the […]

Thomas A. Dorsey, Gospel & the Devil’s Music

May 29, 2011


They used to call him Georgia Tom, a piano player who had once put together a band for Ma Rainey, and who in 1928, while dueting with Tampa Red, the Guitar Wizard, sold seven million records with a song called “It’s Tight Like That.”  The song was widely covered by blues and jazz artists, as […]

Hobo’s Lullaby – Songs for My Father

May 27, 2011


When my father died in 2002, I made a compilation of music to play and give out at his memorial service.  I never did explain why I chose the songs I did, although I always intended to get around to annotating the list.  I finally have. 1.  Leadbelly – Goodnight, Irene.  My earliest memory of […]