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Mama Remembers 400

May 13, 2013


A little discussion with Mama about the meaning of 400 parts per million. Mama was looking through the bones of her extinct children the other day (Mama doesn’t keep photographs) and pulled out a strange skull, gigantic, tusks attached to its lower jaw. “Deinotherium, what a lovely name.  Of course, Deino never heard it since […]

Of Posies and Republicans

May 1, 2013


The Aztec Tactic I’ve written before how conservative disdain for environmentalism runs so deep that some will deliberately waste energy out of little more than spite. (See Denial Means Never Having to Turn Down the Thermostat.) A recent Grist article asks the question Why Do Conservatives Like to Waste Energy? I think it’s a kind […]

Shattered Ice and Climate Change

April 2, 2013


Perhaps you heard about the cracks in the sea ice in the Beaufort Sea?  They are fairly spectacular, and the question fairly arises, What does it mean? Well, in one sense it doesn’t really signify much, in that the forces which created the cracks are ones which circulate around in the Arctic system, and have […]

Extinction Events and 100 Generations of Carbon

March 24, 2013


Carbon Karma Is Karma on Steroids Let’s put two ideas together to show some of the dimension of things, a taste of the real cost of carbon.  Joe Romm’s headline practically covers the first idea by itself, “Doubling of CO2 Levels in End-Triassic Extinction Killed Off Three Quarters of Land and Sea Species.”  Romm’s article discusses […]

The “Hockey Stick” – Augmented

March 10, 2013


The journal Science has just published an update on Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” graph by a new team of scientists, who, by combining 73 sets of globally distributed records have extended the reconstruction of past global temperatures back 11,300 years.  Michael Mann’s hockey stick only went back 1500 years.  The new reconstruction by Marcott et […]

Oz Sizzles in the Hottest Summer Ever

February 28, 2013


Following close on the heels of the hottest summer in United States history, we now have the hottest summer in Australian history, 1.1oC (2oF approx.) hotter than the 1961-1990 average.  Daytime maximum temperatures were 1.4oC (2.5oF) hotter than average.  And this record-breaking summer happened courtesy of global warming alone, without a leg up from El […]

Conspiracies, Free Markets and Climate Change Denial

February 6, 2013


Outed as conspiracy theorists, climate change deniers suspect a plot. Recently a trio of social scientists, Stephan Lewandowsky, Klaus Oberauer, and Gilles Gignac published a paper studying the motivations and characteristics of climate science deniers, “NASA faked the moon landing–Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax:  An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science.”  For the […]