A Plague Diary 3

Posted on March 26, 2020


People remark about how clearly they see the North Shore mountains, how fresh the air is to breathe, how many stars there are in the sky at night.  And the city is quiet, almost middle-of-the-night quiet in the middle of the day, and almost country-quiet at nighttime.

My granddaughter was playing with the next door neighbour children, separated by a fence neither were allowed to touch, with supervising parents on both sides to ensure no close contact.  Children playing on their own, unsupervised, is now too precarious a proposition—like going to school.

The neighbours continue uncharacteristically neighbourly.

A block or so away, someone has pinned messages to the trees on both sides of the street.

You are loved. 

Fairies are real.

Not even silly anymore.  Sometimes we’re glad that the spirit of flowers tucked in rifle barrels is still with us.

Everywhere the artists are still offering us art, musicians are still offering us music.

At the front lines of the virus are the nurses, the doctors, the emergency care workers.  And the store clerks.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans they still had their Mardi Gras, in Florida—a retirement haven for a continent—they still partied on the beaches.  Influenced by a President who refuses to take covid-19 seriously, influenced by a right wing media furiously underplaying common sense and crisis, huge swathes of the US public are doing exactly what they shouldn’t do to help contain the virus.

I am not a great fan of Canadian government in general, but they are at least sane here.  They say stay home.  They shut down large gatherings and discouraged all the rest.  They allow medical personnel and experts to talk to the public.

Nobody anywhere is suggesting trading in your grandmother for the economy.

Sorry, my US friends, but for now I’m glad our southern border is sealed.  Too much stupid going on.

That much stupid can get you killed.

Meanwhile, the worldwide death toll for covid-19 just surpassed 24,000.  The US today reported 14,000 new cases and 150 new deaths, bringing the US death count to 1177.

Early days.

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