A Plague Diary 1

Posted on March 24, 2020


2020-the year of the plague.  And so I find myself in interesting times.

A week ago, my daughter and I went shopping, doubling up our usual shopping list in order to minimize shopping trips.  Now we live our lives six feet away from anyone whatsoever.

Human society in fact has been reduced to a pod; only pod members, strictly-defined, are permitted access or contact.  All our suddenly stay-at-home (and usually rather standoffish) neighbours are suddenly anxious to have conversations over the fence.  Six feet away, of course.

Otherwise, the internet connects us.  We’ve never done a plague in quite this way before.

Meanwhile, south of the border, under the most incompetent leadership imaginable, the USA tumbles into an abyss with even greater speed than we do.  Trump openly muses about keeping his country’s economy open at the price of the deaths of the old and sick.  Because he knows, I guess, that a depression economy (which the world is rapidly hurtling toward) will not re-elect him.  Meanwhile the response of some of his voting base is to buy more guns.  Not nearly as funny as the toilet paper hoarders.

Covid-19 spreads so quickly, it’s like that old doubling game on the chess board.  Put a penny on the first square, two on the second, four on the third, and so on.  Before the end of the game, all the money in the world has been placed on your chessboard.

In a week or two, with Covid-19’s current rate of doubling, the medical capability of the US will almost certainly be breached.  Slowing this rate of doubling was Trump’s job, which he has not done.

Incompetence on the scale of Trump amidst a disaster on the scale of Covid-19 won’t play well in November, either, I don’t think.

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