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Legends of Myself 126

December 27, 2019


126. Smith Island, 1965. Houseboat Standing on the railway tracks near our cabin in the Boneyard and looking out at the Skeena, to the left is Mowitch Point, which conceals Port Essington on the other side of the river. The far bank is two miles away, and ends at Veitch Point. There the river opens, […]

Legends of Myself 125

December 22, 2019


125. The Boneyard, 1965. Settling In The last time we’d seen the Boneyard, we’d been driven off by fire. The dynamite shack that my father, his partners and I had squatted in during the summers of ’60 and ’61 was, when we left, still smouldering, and the remains unrecoverable. We obviously could not return to […]

Legends of Myself 124

December 17, 2019


124.  Toronto, 1965.  Cabbagetown I have always enjoyed visiting Toronto, and I enjoyed it then. Urban landscapes don’t offend me. They are part of the mix, and they offer motion, variety and people. Toronto was then as now Canada’s largest city, then as now more than twice the size of Vancouver. I came from a […]

Legends of Myself 123

December 8, 2019


123.  BC to Ontario, 1965. Railroading to St. Catharines My father never lost the ability to surprise me. He simply refused to stand still, either in his thinking or his understanding of things, or, literally, in his capacity as a traveller. He had a traveller’s soul—much more so than me—who could leave behind routine, things […]