T-Rex and the Inner Cartoonist

Posted on July 13, 2014


T-Rex Down & OutLet me tell you about my inner cartoonist.  He only comes around occasionally, gives me an idea, and goes away, leaving me helpless to do anything about it.  My inner cartoonist can’t draw.  Neither can I.  And honestly, he doesn’t come around consistently enough to make it worth my while to learn a new profession.

So what? he says, coolly.

That’s the kind of guy he is.

For example, there’s an idea in science that tyrannosaurus rexs were no better than scavengers, using their size and fearsome appearance to scare off competitors, but doing no hunting themselves.  Needless to say this is different from the usual way the tyrant lizard has been portrayed.  Jurassic Park would have had to feature him for comic relief.

Anyway, my inner cartoonist comes along, chews it over and gives me a picture of an obviously down and out T-rex pushing a homeless shopping cart, and another respectable middle-class dinosaur saying to him, “Everybody is really disappointed in you, Rex.”

Great! I say to my inner cartoonist, so what I going to do with that?

He doesn’t answer.T-Rex Down & Out

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