Are You Smart Enough to Vote in Louisiana?

Posted on July 2, 2013


Set your timers and put your perfection shoes on, and see if you can answer the following 30 questions flawlessly and thus qualify to vote in Louisiana.  This test comes to you courtesy of the Supreme Court of the United States who have legally declared racism to be over and effectively repealed the Voting Rights Act which prevented states from imposing tests like these on non-Whites.

Since racism isn’t over and the far-right of the United States have unblushingly engaged in anti-democratic voting suppression measures any time they could get away with it, expect the return of tests like this one to the American south.

Louisiana literacy 1

Louisiana literacy 1b

Louisiana literacy 2

Louisiana Literacy 2b

Louisiana literacy 3

Louisiana literacy 3b

Okay, your ten minutes are up and now you know.  Are you smart enough to vote in Louisiana, or aren’t you?