The City of Gaudi

Posted on February 22, 2013


gaudi 3sThe city of Gaudi is Barcelona, of course.  The works of architect Antoni Gaudi are among the dominant images of that city, especially his magnificent Sagrada Família, unfinished at his death and still, even today, under construction.  Guidebooks and post cards use the Sagrada Família to represent Barcelona almost as iconically as the Eiffel Tower represents Paris.

gaudi h8sgaudi 10sGaudi, 1852-1926, was the great master of the movement known as Catalan Modernism.  His work attempted to incorporate natural forms, and reflected Gaudi’s mastery of stained glass, ceramics, ironwork forging and carpentry.  

gaudi 21sgaudi 9sGaudi was struck by a tram car in 1926.  Because of his lack of identification and shabby clothing, he was not given the kind of medical treatment that might have saved his life.  

gaudi 1sFollowing his death his reputation went through a period when his work was poorly regarded.  The tastes of the time considered them too imaginative, but that period is long forgotten.  As of now, seven of his works have been designated as World Heritage Sites by the UN.

gaudi h1sIn 1999 I visited Barcelona with my daughter Haisla, and in 2001 I returned on my own.  With each visit, we took the time to examine Gaudi’s vision up close, and this resulted in the accompanying photographs, taken both by Haisla and myself.gaudi 23s