To My Granddaughter

Posted on February 3, 2013


under the chilli pepper tree-s

Welcome, little one.

What’s your name?  Maybe Malaika, but you don’t know yet?

5 weeks early!  Well, well.  Haisla said to the doctor, that’s too early.

But you were going to come regardless, and here you are.

You weighed 3.3 kilos, more than seven pounds, which was at the 97th percentile for little folk like you whose age is measured from conception and counted in weeks.  That’s good news.

You were born at 4:26 a.m.February 2nd, 2013, with Mommy doing all the hard work and Auntie Steph, Grandma Elizabeth, Granny Caroline and your Daddy there to see, and Grandpa Me in the corridor waiting for an intro.

Yes, we’re in the same club, you and I—the early, caught-you-by-surprise club—because Grandpa came early too, though only by two weeks.  Somebody said to him, no, you couldn’t have been early at that weight (nine pounds) they must have counted wrong.  I think now that they didn’t count wrong, and here you are, you’re the proof.

So big, so pretty, so quiet and cooing and sleepy, with black eyes and black hair and wide cheeks and downturned mouth and your still-pointy little head.  You didn’t come early at all, but just in time.

If you had waited another five weeks Mommy really would have said, “Ow!”