Shelter from the Frankenstorm? No Way, Romney Sez!

Posted on October 29, 2012


In one of his most famous lines from “Blood on the Tracks,” Dylan writes, “Come in, she said, I’ll give you, Shelter from the storm.”

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been pretty busy lately, this year and last—the whole decade, really—dealing with the ongoing series of climate disasters which have struck the USA, flood, fire and storm, brought to us by climate change.  It’s left funds at the agency a little low.

So with Hurricane Sandy (a.k.a. Frankenstorm), the biggest storm in USA history, touching down on the East Coast, threatening it with winds, storm surges, torrential rains, floods and electrical blackouts, and making the issue all so relevant, what is Mitt Romney’s take on this matter?

More money for FEMA?  More money for disaster relief?  Shelter from the Frankenstorm?  Nosirree, Bob.  Mitt thinks the agency should be cut back and shut down.  Let the states fend for themselves, he says.  He said so in debate in June last year, as was captured in the following video.

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