Our Biggest Challenge (Music video)

Posted on September 14, 2012


The following climate change video, put together by the musical folk at Symphony of Science, features the most famous mutton-chops in science fiction, Isaac Asimov, which is already enough to sell it to me.  But Bill Nye, the (musical) science guy, in a neon-blue polka dot bowtie helps too.

I didn’t read Asimov only for his science fiction, although I still do that.  I also regularly purchased and read his collections of science essays in high school.  Probably helped with my reputation as a know-it-all.  (Yes, that was me.)  Since I probably read more science essays by him than almost any other science writer, especially early on, that likely makes him, now I think of it, one of my mentors as a science writer.  He made science seem like a normal thing to be talking about, which it should be.

He was also way ahead of the rest of us when it came to climate change.  He was the original know-it-all to which all others aspire.

I think he would have been tickled to see himself singing in a climate video.

Sporting those mutton chops.