The Heartland Institute Stumbles

Posted on May 29, 2012


The Heartland Institute, perhaps you noticed, is stumbling and staggering a little these days.  About $1 million in corporate funding has walked.

Of course, there was Heartland-gate, the leaking of nine documents by scientist Peter Gleick relating to Heartland’s climate denial activities, including a plan to teach climate denial to pre-schoolers.  But Heartland-gate, juicy as it was, wasn’t anywhere near as damaging as dropping the Unabomb, the Institute’s lunatic plan to compare believers in human-caused climate change to, well, lunatics.

Even other climate change deniers started deserting them.  This is significant.  Climate denial standards are very low.  They don’t mind people who lie about their credentials, for instance.  Or if they believe in flubber.  Or if they’re demented or dead.

And they don’t mind either if their science conferences are science-free.

The Institute’s more-or-less annual Denial-Palooza climate conferences this year had not a single scientist among its featured speakers.  It did have Lord Christopher Monckton cracking birther jokes, demonstrating, if it really needed such a demonstration, that climate denial really is a political not a scientific movement.  Lord Monckton knows, even if the mainstream press seems to have missed it, that racist right-wing politics and climate denial are all part of the same thing.

Good news in regard to Heartland’s Denial-Palooza conferences, though.  At the end of this years conference, they announced that they weren’t planning anymore.

(The stains you see at the end of this document are crocodile tears.)