Waste Not, Want Not, Grandma Says

Posted on February 4, 2012


Grandma told us to prepare for the future.

I discovered this delightful Canadian government poster from WWI on a website discussing the issue of wasted food.

See The US Wastes 40 Percent of All Food Produced Per Year.  How About We Stop Doing That? – GOOD

Of course, waste can come in many forms, and, because of changing times, it is less and less winter that we have to prepare for, and more and more summer.

But it still makes good sense to prepare when the blasting hot summers that are now inevitable, for instance, threaten future crops.

It still makes good sense to act now as if tomorrow mattered.  It still makes sense to look ahead (as through climate science) to see what it is we can expect from the climate forces we have put in motion.  It still makes sense to monitor what we see happening around us and act on that information.

Grandma was right about getting ready.  She was also right about waste.  Fuel efficiency standards prevent waste.  Better insulation on your house prevents waste.  Taking a bus rather than driving your car prevents waste.  Preventing urban sprawl saves fuel, travel times and preserves land for agricultural use.

Then there’s the issue of laying waste the whole ecosystem by petrochemical pollution and a consumerist lifestyle….but that gets her dander up so much, grandma doesn’t even want to talk about that today.

She just gives her grandchildren a hug and slowly shakes her head….