200-Plus Economists Support Occupy Wall Street

Posted on November 23, 2011


Economists Statement in Support of Occupy Wall Street

We are economists who oppose ideological cleansing in the economics profession. Equally we oppose political cleansing in the vital debate over the causes and consequences of our current economic crisis.

We support the efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement across the country and across the globe to liberate the economy from the short-term greed of the rich and powerful “one percent”.

We oppose cynical and perverse attempts to misuse our police officers and public servants to expel advocates of the public good from our public spaces.

We extend our support to the vision of building an economy that works for the people, for the planet, and for the future, and we declare our solidarity with the Occupiers who are exercising our democratic right to demand economic and social justice.

Gerald Epstein / University of Massachusetts Amherst

James K. Boyce / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Taro Abe / Nagoya Gakuin University

Bengi Akbulut / University of Manchester

Randy Albelda / University of Massachusetts Boston

Gar Alperovitz / University of Maryland

Nurul Aman / University of Massachusetts Boston

Michael Ash / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Enid Arvidson / University of Texas at Arlington

Dennis Badeen / York University

Lee Badgett / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dean Baker / Center for Economic and Policy Research

Samuel L. Baker / Purdue University

Scott Baker / Public Banking Institute

Erdogan Bakir / Bucknell University

Benjamin Balak / Rollins College

Radhika Balakrishnan / Rutgers University

Fabian Balardini / Borough of Manhattan Community College

Nesecan Balkan / Hamilton College

Nina Banks / Bucknell University

Deepankar Basu / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ravi Bhandari / St. Mary’s College

Peter C. Bloch / University of Wisconsin-Madison

Roger Evan Bove / West Chester University

Elissa Braunstein / Colorado State University

Ted Burczak  /Denison University

Isabela Prado Callegari – São Paulo School of Economics

Al Campbell / University of Utah

Martha Campbell / Potsdam College (SUNY)

Jessica Carrick-Hagenbarth / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Scott Carter / University of Tulsa

Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira / Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

Paresh Chattopadhyay / University of Quebec

Robert Chernomas / University of Manitoba

Jennifer Cohen / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Steve Cohn / Knox College

Paul Cooney / Universidade Federal do Pará

Lilia Costabile / University of Naples

J. Kevin Crocker / University of Massachusetts Amherst

James Crotty / University of Massachusetts Amherst

James M. Cypher / Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas

Omar S. Dahi / Hampshire College

Anita Dancs / Western New England University

Adel Daoud / University of Gothenburg

Erik Dean / University of Missouri Kansas City

Carmen Diana Deere / University of Florida

Francois Delorme / Association des Economistes Québécois

Joao Paulo de Souza / UMASS-Amherst

George DeMartino  / University of Denver

Serkan Demirkilic / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Maarten de Kadt

Hans Despain / Nichols College

Carlo D’Ippoliti / Sapienza University of Rome

Jonathan Diskin / Earlham College

Geert Dhondt / City University of New York

David Donald / Glasgow Caledonian University

Peter Dorman / Evergreen State College

Lynn Duggan / Indiana University Bloomington

Gary Dymski / University of California Riverside

Marie Christine Duggan / Keene State College

Nina Eichacker / University of Massachusetts Amherst

David Ellerman / University of California at Riverside

Benan Eres / Ankara University

Bilge Erten / United Nations, DESA

Paula Esteves / Federal University of Minas Gerais

Ramon Garcia Fernandez / Universidade Federal do ABC

Kade Finnoff / University of Massachusetts Boston

Nancy Folbre / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gerald Friedman / University of Massachusetts Amherst

James K. Galbraith / University of Texas Austin

Robert F. Garnett / Texas Christian University

Heidi Garrett-Peltier / University of Massachusetts Amherst

David George / La Salle University

Armagan Gezici / Keene State College

Don Goldstein / Allegheny College

Jonathan P. Goldstein / Bowdoin College

Mitch Green / University of Missouri Kansas City

Robin Hahnel / American University

Jay P. Hamilton / City University of New York

Amy Hart / University of Sydney

Martin Hart-Landsberg / Lewis and Clark College

James Heintz / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Doug Henwood / Left Business Observer

Arturo Hermann / ISTAT

Marianne Hill / Mississippi Center for Policy Research

Michael G. Hillard / University of Southern Maine

Wolfgang Hoeschele / Truman State University

Joan Hoffman / City University of New York

Sue Holmberg / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kiaran Honderich / Williams College

Barbara Hopkins / Wright State University

Alan Hutton / Glasgow Caledonian University

Ruth Indeck / Economy Connection

Ryan Isakson / University of Toronto

Frederic B. Jennings Jr. / Center for Ecological Economics and Ethical Education, Ipswich, MA

Tae-Hee Jo / Buffalo State College

Calanit Kamala / UC Berkeley

Emily Kawano / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Seçil Aysed Kaya / Ankara University

Mehmet Rauf Kesici / Kocaeli University

Marlene Kim / University of Massachusetts Boston

Yun Kyu Kim / Trinity College

Mary C. King / Portland State University

Robert Kirsch / Virginia Tech

Mark Klinedinst / University of Southern Mississippi

Katharine Kontak / Bowling Green State University

Gonca Konyali / Dokuz Eylul University

David Kotz / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Philip Kozel / Rollins College

David Kristjanson-Gural / Bucknell University

David Laibman / City University of New York

Eric Larsen / Public Policy Institute of California

Mehrene Larudee / Al-Quds Bard Honors College

Michael A. Lebowitz / Simon Fraser University

Chai-On Lee / Chonnam National University

Frederic Lee / University of Missouri Kansas City

Fernando Leiva / University at Albany (SUNY)

Gerald Levy / LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

Antonio Lopes / Second University of Naples

Fiona Maclachlan / Manhattan College

Stephen A Marglin / Harvard University

Wesley Marshall / UAM-Iztapalapa

Thomas Masterson / Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

Julie Matthaei / Wellesley College

Matthew May / University of Missouri Kansas City

Elaine McCrate / University of Vermont

Andrew Mearman / University of the West of England, Bristol

Michael Meeropol / Western New England University

Ralph Meima / Marlboro College Graduate School

Peter B. Meyer / University of Louisville

Gary Mongiovi / St. John’s University

Fred Moseley / Mount Holyoke College

Albert Mosley / Smith College

Jamee K. Moudud / Sarah Lawrence College

Catherine P. Mulder / City University of New York

Marta Murray-Close / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ellen Mutari / The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Sirisha Naidu / Wright State University

Kamran Nayeri / University of California Berkeley

Jessica Gordon Nembhard / City University of New York

Julie A. Nelson / University of Massachusetts Boston

Eric Nilsson / California State University San Bernardino

Richard B. Norgaard / University of California Berkeley

Erik Olsen / University of Missouri Kansas City

Hiroshi Onishi / Kyoto University

Cem Oyvat / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Aaron Pacitti / Siena College

Thomas Palley / New America Foundation

Susan Parks / University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Eva Paus / Mount Holyoke College

Samuel R Pavel / Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Karl Petrick / Western New England University

Paddy Quick / St. Francis College

Peter Radford

Arslan Razmi / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Jack Reardon / Hamline University

Sanjay G. Reddy / The New School for Social Research

Robert Reinauer / Rollins College

Stephen Resnick / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Meenakshi Rishi / Seattle University

Igor Lopes Rocha / University of Cambridge

Charles P. Rock / Rollins College

Leopoldo Rodriguez / Portland State University

Sergio Rossi / University of Fribourg

Héctor Sáez / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Daniel E. Saros / Valparaiso University

Harwood D. Schaffer / University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Helen Scharber / Hampshire College

Elliott Sclar / Columbia University

Ian J. Seda-Irizarry / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kristen Sheeran / Economics for Equity and the Environment

Barry Shelley / Brandeis University

Ceren Soylu / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Peter Spiegler / University of Massachusetts Boston

Liz Stanton / Tufts University

Martha A. Starr / American University

Mark Stelzner / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Tamara Stenn / Keene State College

John Stifler / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Engelbert Stockhammer / Kingston University

Ian C. Strachan / Nichols College

Sarah Surak / Virginia Tech

Janet M. Tanski / University of Missouri

Linwood Tauheed / University of Missouri Kansas City

Pavlina R. Tcherneva / Franklin and Marshall College

Hasan Tekgüç / Mardin Artuklu University

Jim Tober / Marlboro College

Zdravka Todorova / Wright State University

Junji Tokunaga / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mariano Torras / Adelphi University

Andrew Trigg / Open University

A. Dale Tussing / Syracuse University

Eric Tymoigne / Lewis and Clark College

Hendrik Van den Berg / University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Roberto Veneziani / Queen Mary University of London

Valerie Voorheis / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Thomas E. Weisskopf / University of Michigan

Julian Wells / Kingston University

Anastasia C. Wilson / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Marty Wolfson / University of Notre Dame

L. Randall Wray / University of Missouri Kansas City

Michael D. Yates / University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Ajit Zacharias / Bard College

Klara Zwickl / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Institutional affiliations listed for identification purposes only.


These are the signatures as of 23 November 2011.  The list is growing.  Find the list @



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