Where the Borg Empire Really Began

Posted on August 31, 2011


Everything starts small.

It’s not well known that the Borg Empire began with the career of Larry Borg, a shady  one-legged door-to-door prosthetics salesman who built up his business by a combination of aggressive salesmanship and a cavalier attitude towards patent and copyright laws.

Detractors said that he often stole ideas outright.

The slogan of the organization he founded—in its original form; it has of course been adapted over time—was based on Larry Borg’s seminal experiences selling door-to-door and was also the name of a famous set of lectures he gave on the occasion of the launch of a new line of products. “Hi, I’m Larry Borg,” he famously began.

Resistance Is Pretty Much Expected

Dissatisfied with what he saw as a limited customer base, Borg in one of those inspirations that change history had decided to hard sell the idea of prosthetics as a lifestyle choice.  Detractors said the idea was crazy.

They have long since been assimilated.  Presumably that changed their minds.

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