Playing It Loud in the Climate Wars

Posted on August 13, 2011


An interesting recent article in Climate Progress positions the climate change debate clearly within the larger politics of right versus the left, and considers why the issue sends Conservative White Males particularly into mouth-foaming apoplexy.

See What’s the Best Strategy for Dealing with Deniers

Author David Roberts writes:

climate change triggers system justification among privileged classes because it really does carry a threat to the system! It implies an argument for global governance when CWM are nationalistic, an argument for egalitarianism when they are hierarchical, an argument for conservation when they love capitalism, an argument for investment and regulation when they hate government. It also implies that hippies have been right and the conservative movement wrong, for decades.

Of course.  It’s a culture war thing, as should have been obvious to everybody on the face of it.  Robert’s advice?  He says climate has become politics, whether we like it or not, and politics is an intensity game.  He or she that is the most passionate controls the discussion.

Climate wars.  Culture wars.  To win the game, you have to play it loud.  When the climate deniers cry nonsense, you have to shout science and common sense.

I can do that.  Mark me down as loud on behalf of the planet.

(On behalf of other things, too.)


(I know.  I know.)