Go Brigette! Canadian Hero of the Day

Posted on June 6, 2011


Parliamentary page Brigette DePape saw Stephen Harper’s government up close and found that she didn’t like what she saw.  She didn’t like militaristic waste, environmental neglect and welfare for the wealthy.

Rather than sit quietly and enjoy her plum job, Brigette decided to take a stand.  She posted a quiet sign while the throne speech was being read, to the embarrassment of a red-faced Harper.  A page lost her job, but Canada gained a new hero.

“Harper’s agenda is disastrous for this country and for my generation,” DePape said in a later press release. “We have to stop him from wasting billions on fighter jets, military bases, and corporate tax cuts while cutting social programs and destroying the climate. Most people in this country know what we need are green jobs, better medicare, and a healthy environment for future generations.”

And apparently Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has already offered Ms. DePape a new job.

“For a young person to do that and to do it peacefully, and quietly and with grace, I thought it was a very powerful moment,” Moore said. “Every now and then there is an iconic moment where an individual takes action, and it inspires others to think about, you know, what else would we be doing.”

Go Brigette!


See Michael Moore offers job to fired Senate page – CBC

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