Freeze Up at Lost Lagoon, 1929

Posted on May 18, 2011


Pauline Johnson wrote about it, Lost Lagoon not-so-lost at the entrance to Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Many visitors have rented rowboats there, strolled or jogged around it, picnicked beside it, peered in about the edges of its wetlands, or (despite all the signs to the contrary) sat on the benches or walls and tossed stale bread or popcorn to the various species of ducks or to the swans in white or black.

But, this is tropical Vancouver after all, the golf oasis of Canada, therefore most people without a serious Messiah complex don’t think of taking a stroll out onto it. A squirrel would sink through the best ice skim which Vancouver winters can currently deliver to that pond.  But, as the above photograph from 1929 tells us, such an unthinkable freeze-up could once possibly happen, with whole crowds of Vancouverites venturing out on the ice on Lost Lagoon.

The possibility of a similar freeze-up happening again, for instance, this millennium, are fairly slim, I think.

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