The President Gets I.D’d

Posted on April 27, 2011


I can’t much speak for the experience of other groups, but the reality in Canada is that if you are Aboriginal and male, you have probably been ID’d by the cops.  You were going about your business.  Maybe there was a Fellini movie in your head making you restless, and you felt like walking.  And it’s all right until some cops in a black and white do a U-turn and pull up beside you.

“Could I see some ID?”

The crime?  Breathing while being Indian.

In the United States, the same thing would’ve happened to you if you were an African American male.  Minding your own thoughts.  Learning to whistle in the park.  Stopped by the cops who question you with hostile politeness.

Your crime?  Breathing while being Black.

It’s all part of the North American racial experience.

Cops are frequently bullies, and bullies—where that might add to the bullying experience—are often racist.  It’s all a power game meant to show the unchallengeable power of the bullies and the second class status of the bullied.  It says, your peace is dependent on me and I can remove it at will.  It says, you’re second rate, illegitimate, and foreign, and I can treat you as I please.

And the reality of this common experience of Aboriginal males and Black males has now been thrown on the international stage.  We just saw the President of the United States being ID’d.

By a birther.  By a clown.  Oh yes, and America let it happen.  Didn’t think twice.  Everybody’s so used to it, you see.

And what was Obama’s crime?  You know it. – Being President while being Black.

Welcome to racist America.

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