Families, immigration policy and spousal-abuse, Stephen Harper style

Posted on April 17, 2011


If you’re a Tamil refugee, the Conservative Party of Canada doesn’t like you much.

And they are hoping other Canadians don’t like you much either, because the Conservative Party plan is to use you to scare other Canadians into voting them into power.  They’ve already put this plan into action with an election ad. 

That’s the kind of people Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party are.

Of course, they proved that already while in government.

All the time he has been in power, Harper has made it clear to immigrants:  the Conservative government of Canada wants your labour, not your families.

Many an immigrant family has been frustrated with how hard it is to bring their mothers and fathers over to live with them.  Harper doesn’t want these mothers and fathers to come over.  He’s already rigged the regulations, and he’s always willing to pass new laws to keep away as many as possible, as long as possible.

Harper doesn’t like people becoming Canadian through marriage either.  As far as he’s concerned, no foreigner ever marries a Canadian for love of that Canadian.  Nope.  Harper has recently been trying to pass a law mandating that marriages between Canadians and non-Canadians last two years or longer, or back home you go, sister.

Oh boy, I can hear somebody say.  I’ll get me a wife from overseas.  She won’t be able to leave.  She won’t be able to talk back.  She won’t be able to complain to the authorities for a full two years.  Because if she does, Stephen Harper will kick her out of the country for me.  Oh yeah.

For an immigrant wife, the price of Canadian citizenship might be two years of abuse.

No thank you, Stephen Harper.  I don’t like your kind of Canada.

And you won’t get my vote.

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