Stephen Harper guarantees climate disaster for your grandchildren

Posted on April 9, 2011


The latest computer simulations, using the most powerful computers and the most sophisticated computer models yet, have concluded that it is now, because of the inaction of world governments, almost impossible to avert two degrees Co of warming in the coming century.  The study was recently published in the prestigious scientific journal Science.

Scientists wanted to limit warming to two degrees because, while still dangerous and difficult (as recent climate events in Russia, Pakistan, China and Australia should make clear), two degrees of warming avoided some of the worst problems that greater warming would entail.

This study says we can no longer avoid those problems.

In order for the planet to avoid warming greater than two degrees, according to the most up-to-date calculations, humanity would need to drop our carbon emissions almost to zero almost immediately.  That is clearly not going to happen.  We are not even close to ready for making such a transition.

One of the reasons we are not ready is because of the present government of Canada which has been systematically undermining international efforts to address the issue, and continues to do so.

Furthermore, this government through its tar sands project is committing Canada even further in the opposite direction, towards continued dependence on fossil fuels and a fossil fuel economy.

This is a disaster for two reasons.  One, because it’s bad for the planet.  Two, because it’s bad for Canada and Canada’s economy.

Not everybody everywhere is as stupid as the Conservative Party of Canada.  Not everybody everywhere is going to continue to ignore the ever increasing evidence of disastrous climate change.  That means fossil fuels are going to be a declining commodity, declining more every year.

Investing heavily in fossil fuels today is just bad thinking.  Canada, by doing so, is committing to a doomed industry.

Voting for Stephen Harper is like investing in the past, hoping the future will go away.

But the future isn’t going to go away.  We need to start preparing for it now to prevent it from being worse than it’s already going to be.  We need to elect a government that is willing to take the future seriously, and that is willing to do something starting now.  Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have already proven—emphatically—that they are not that government.

If you care about the world your grandchildren are going to live in, vote for the planet in this election.  Vote against Stephen Harper.


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