More libel from the climate deniers

Posted on March 9, 2011


Most of the following is to be found in more depth at the Climate Progress site.  I repost much of it here because I think it qualifies as news and deserves to be as widely known as possible.

This is the headline from NOAA in the relation to the following matters, “Inspector General’s Review of Stolen Emails Confirms No Evidence of Wrong-Doing by NOAA Climate Scientists.” However some less than scrupulous professional climate change deniers weren’t satisfied with that result.  They decided to do some creative restatements of the Inspector General’s findings, smearing world-class climatologist Michael Mann in the process.


The following is a reply by Michael Mann to statements published by Chris Horner, Marc Morano, Stephen McIntyre and Anthony Watts.

The claim by fossil fuel industry lobbyist Chris Horner in his “Daily Caller” piece that I told Eugene Wahl to delete emails is a fabrication–a lie, and a libelous allegation.  My only involvement in the episode in question is that I forwarded Wahl an email that Phil Jones had sent me, which I felt Wahl needed to see.  There was no accompanying commentary by me or additional correspondence from me regarding the matter, nor did I speak to Wahl about the matter.  This is, in short, a despicable smear that, more than anything else, speaks to the depths of dishonesty of professional climate change deniers like Chris Horner, Marc Morano, Stephen McIntyre, and Anthony Watts.

Michael Mann, March 9th, 2011

The following is the reply by Eugene Wahl to the smears against Dr. Mann:

The Daily Caller blog yesterday contained an inaccurate story regarding a correspondence that was part of the emails hacked from East Anglia University Climate Research Unit (CRU) in November 2009.


For the record, while I received the email from CRU as forwarded by Dr. Mann, the forwarded message came without any additional comment from Dr. Mann; there was no request from him to delete emails. At the time of the email in May 2008, I was employed by Alfred University, New York.  I became a NOAA employee in August 2008.


The emails I deleted while a university employee are the correspondence I had with Dr. Briffa of CRU regarding the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, all of which have been in the public domain since the CRU hack in November 2009.  This correspondence has been extensively examined and no misconduct found.  As a NOAA employee, I follow agency record retention policies and associated guidance from information technology staff.

Dr. Eugene R. Wahl, March 9, 2011


The Climate Progress article may be found here: