Harrison Schmitt: Cherry-Pickers of the “Artic”

Posted on February 8, 2011


Update February 11, 2011:  Harrison Schmitt withdraws from New Mexico enviro position.  See:


You will have heard of Harrison Schmitt.  He’s the former astronaut/United States senator from Arizona who’s been selected by the New Mexico governor–essentially–to oversee the environment in New Mexico.  He’s also a climate change denier who thinks that when the Soviet Union fell, all the commies became environmentalists.

No kidding.  Even those guys in NASA where he used to work, I guess.

In Arizona and New Mexico the lunatic fringe just became mainstream.

Schmitt also is on record for saying that the Artic [sic] ice is growing, and that in 2009 there was more Artic [sic] sea ice than in 1989.  (Harrison Schmitt’s spelling of “Artic” led the pundits to label this little affair Articgate.)

Harrison Schmitt apparently gets his climate information from the right-wing propaganda machine called the Heartland Institute.

The following diagram puts Heartland’s analysis of “Artic” ice in context.

Can anyone say “cherry-pickin'”?

If Harrison Schmitt represents the environment then they’re in trouble in New Mexico.