Pity the children living by the dead ocean

Posted on January 12, 2011


Pity the children living by the dead ocean, with its stale and dying waters.

Pity the children living by the sea, that great stink lake which swelled and overran the edges of their city, flooded sidewalks and basements and the barns and fields of the river deltas.

Pity the children, born into wealth, doomed to die in poverty.

Pity the children, living in a world thinned of species, thick with weeds and pestilence.

Pity the children where the crops won’t grow in the heat, in the flood, in the drought.  Where the crops are devoured by beetles moving north, or destroyed by terrible storms.

Pity the children when the storms come.

Pity the children who must go to war to stop those—who only want to live—from overrunning what they themselves need to live.

Pity the children, because no help is coming to save them, because no help is being mobilized, because no help is possible.

Pity the children, the children of our children, because we would not stop, because we would not act.

Give them a gift at Christmas, at their birthdays.  Perhaps they will forgive us when they see what a world we have left to them.

Pity the children who must live in the world we have made.


See Species Loss Tied to Ecosystem Collapse and Recovery

Looking at two of the greatest mass extinctions in Earth’s history, the scientists attribute the ecosystems’ collapse to a loss in the variety of species sharing the same space. It took up to 10 million years after the mass extinctions for the ecosystem to stabilize.


“But you’ll do something, won’t you, Grandpa?”

“Of course I will, Sweetie.”

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