Posted on August 28, 2010


I’m an introvert.

Everybody—except sociopaths and psychopaths—is an introvert to some extent.  That’s the part of you which pays attention to your effect on others.

Extroverts don’t care that much.  They assume that their own acceptance in society is enough to wipe away any missteps.  They’re right, because as humans we’re programmed to deal with the socially blind.  Otherwise we couldn’t have children.

Extroversion works best on those who truly are socially innocent.  We love them because they are as uncomplicated and direct as children.

Extroversion works worse on those who actually don’t care about their effect on others.  We hate them because they are able to manipulate us emotionally.  But we love them also because they say the things we want to hear.

We hate them because we love them, because we love them without choice.

Extroverts have no monopoly on evil, though.  They’re just more popular.

That’s enough.

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