Pro & Con: Party or Dentist?

Posted on August 23, 2010


I was parsing it today in conversation.  (It’s important to work these things out beforehand, so that when the choice actually comes up, you know the answer already.)

I hate a social occasion where there are too many strangers, too many people of only slight acquaintance.  Each of these strangers and slight acquaintances represents an uncomfortable moment I’d prefer not to have.

Neither am I fond of visits to the dentist’s office, with the difference being that at least my teeth are the better for it.

Weighing social occasions against dentist’s visits, I decided that it was dependent upon which particular devices of torture would be employed on a particular visit.  Dentists offices have numerous such devices.  Pliers.  Drills.  Needles. Scrapers. (I am so glad that dentists don’t do ear, nose and throat, for instance.)

Of course, when the pliers are involved you don’t usually have much choice about going, and dentist’s offices are actually places of refuge.

Ah, but drills, needles, and scrapers.  Right up there with water-boarding.

I parsed it thusly, if only drills and needles are involved in a visit, I will go to the dentist.

But if they are going to bring in the scrapers, I’ll go to the party instead.

You know.  If I have to make a choice.