Zombiegate: The Climate Denial Zombies Who Would Not Lie Down

Posted on August 20, 2010


In the world of climate denial, no lie is so refuted that it cannot get up and walk again, no reputation is so sullied that it makes the slightest difference to the person whose reputation it is.

If you shot cartoon detective Fearless Fosdick in the head, he would leap up and say, “Only a flesh wound!”

If you dropped an anvil on the coyote, he would accordion away to menace the roadrunner another time.  Likewise, the world of climate denial is a world of zombies, personalities whose reputations should long ago have been destroyed, but who lurch along regardless like Boris Karloff in a mummy suit.

The climate zombies who would not lie down.

Does Bjorn Lomberg, the author of The Skeptical Enviromentalist, misrepresent the science of climate change and misrepresent his sources? –Yes.  Is he a big fat liar about whose lies entire books have been written? –Yes.  (See Howard Friel’s book The Lomborg Deception.)  Does that hurt his reputation in the climate denial community?  –Nope.

Is Lord Monckton a big fat liar whose lies about climate change have been meticulously exposed by real scientists?  –Yes.  Does he continue to get the support of other members of the denier community?  –You betcha.

Denier Anthony Watts’ website has been active lately defending His Lord Liarship against his most devastating debunker (a real actual scientist by the name of Professor John Abraham.)

Is Anthony Watts a head-in-the-sand-denier whose researches have been thoroughly debunked by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration whose data he challenged?  –Yes.  Has he or any other denier ever admitted that Watts was debunked? –Uh uh.  Has Watts continued on regardless saying the same old things?  –Yup.

Zombieville, like I said.

And Willie Soon gets quoted endlessly by deniers despite having a scientific reputation no real scientist would envy.

And might we give passing mention to Canadian denier-in-chief Tim Ball’s fictional career.  Did being fictional hurt him? –Nope.

And then there’s “Climategate.”  There have been five nine separate investigations into the issues surrounding the University of East Anglia’s hacked e-mails, all of which concluded that the science of climate change was unsullied by the contents of the e-mails or the actions of those who wrote them.  Yet in the zombie world of denierville the e-mails live on with undiminished potency.


And every argument you ever heard about climate change?  It’s still alive in the deniersphere.

And the Oregon Petition.

And Mars icecaps.  (What? Mars got warmed by a cooling sun?)

Doesn’t matter if it denies the law of physics.  Tom Nelson still believes in it.  Senator Inhofe still believes in it.  Anthony Watts still believes in it.  The Science and Public Policy Institute still believes in it.  The Tea Party still believes in it.  The British National Party still believes in it.

It may be stupid.  It may have been disproven.  A fifth grader might be able to disprove it using an abacus and a length of string.  But in denierland, every anti-climate change theory that has ever been presented walks as if alive.

Can science prevail against the zombie legions of the deniersphere?

Future generations of humanity await with bated breath.