Conservatives Want to BE the One World Government

Posted on August 13, 2010


I have been interested to hear lately the conservative deniersphere’s latest response to climate change.

A two-step plan:

1) We continue destroying the planet, business-as usual.

2) When things go horribly wrong, we fix it all with geoengineering.

Okay, two or three problems with this plan.

One, none of the geoengineering plans addresses ocean acidification or the imminent death of the oceans.

Two, none of the plans are sustainable and all have unknown consequences.

But third, every geoengineering scheme has winners and losers, because every scheme is about altering the climate of the planet.

Not everybody is going to like the outcome of your scheme, no matter what scheme you choose.

Therefore, to carry out any of these kinds of plans, you are going to have to impose it on people who don’t want it.  Some of whom have nuclear weapons.

Which means therefore, if such schemes are to be carried out successfully, the people who might object to them have to be removed as a threat beforehand.

You know, before they start popping suitcase nukes on the White House lawn.

The inevitable conclusion being, actually, that we of the geoengineering faction will have to start making decisions for the whole world on a whole bunch of issues.

Like the government does.

Except in this case a WORLD government.

Run by the people who brought us climate change denial.