Climate Change Hoaxers Victimize 4th Grader

Posted on June 8, 2010


I encountered it on Twitter the other day, a story about a fourth grader who won a national competition in her age level for a science project denying climate change.  All the deniers were crowing about it.

Take that Al Gore.  Even a fourth grader can overturn your science.

Now, it turns out to have been a hoax.  There was no such competition, no such prize, and the fourth grader who won was merely the tool of climate change deniers, a victim of people with not the slightest sense of scruple.

I already feel a genuine revulsion for professional deniers, for people who lie and manufacture propaganda in order to head-off genuine societal action on climate change.  However, this particular nastiness is a stomach-churner.

A child.  A little girl in Beeville, Texas, who is told one day that she won a national prize, and then is told the next that she didn’t.  Just so some conscienceless climate change deniers can score cheap points against Al Gore.

One can only imagine the pain and embarrassment that girl feels.  I hope she gets lots of hugs.

As for whoever did this to that little girl—who think scoring cheap points against Al Gore justifies random cruelty towards children—I’m not even going to mention what I hope happens to them.