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Climate Change Hoaxers Victimize 4th Grader

June 8, 2010


I encountered it on Twitter the other day, a story about a fourth grader who won a national competition in her age level for a science project denying climate change.  All the deniers were crowing about it. Take that Al Gore.  Even a fourth grader can overturn your science. Now, it turns out to have […]

Ocean Acidification: NOAA State of the Science FACT SHEET 2008

June 8, 2010


This document represents the state of the science as developed by several NOAA researchers.  NOAA’s ocean acidification activities include targeted research on changes in the ocean carbon chemistry and pH, impacts on major coastal and pelagic ecosystems and fisheries and socio-economic systems. What is Ocean Acidification and How Does it Affect Marine Species? The oceans […]

Seven Lies from Lord Monckton

June 8, 2010


You may remember Lord Christopher Monckton popping up in the news a short while back as the climate expert of choice for the Senate Republicans.  Monckton is in fact a professional climate change denier with no background or expertise in the field of climatology. Recently Lord Monckton resurfaced as the subject of a complete point-by-point […]