Rationality in the service of…

Posted on June 3, 2010


Rationality in the service of anything, becomes that thing.

In the service of appetite, it becomes appetite.

In the service of self-justification, it becomes self-justification.  (Rationality and rationalization are often just two words for the same thing.)

In the service of the irrational, it becomes irrational.

Rationality is a compass, not a place.  It is a means, not an end.

The presence of rationality does not guarantee the rightness of anything.

The absence of rationality does not guarantee the wrongness of anything.

There are no easy answers, no certain paths and no infallible means of arriving at answers.

Ultimately, it is our sense of things—not rationality—which guides us truly, because it is our sense of things which knows what our true intended destination is.

As a tool, rationality is magnificent.

What we build with it could be magnificent also.

Or as flawed as we are who do the building.

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