Faith is…

Posted on May 29, 2010


Faith is not merely religion.

Faith is what we use to fill in the interstices of what we ourselves know.

Faith is the notion that there is an order of things.

Faith keeps the landscapes real beyond where we can see them.

It is a fundamental aspect of who we are as human beings, as seeing, breathing, knowing creatures.

To lose all faith is, fundamentally, to be insane.

There are degrees of faith, from nihilism to transcendence, yet it exists in all of us, and somehow it is healthiest in the happiest of us.

It is the glue which holds together those slim threads of reality that each lonely self experiences.

It ties us each to each other.

It ties us to all those things outside and beyond what any lonely self can know.

Faith is the gravity of the soul.

Faith is what we have instead of fear.

Without faith, there can be no purpose.

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