Barcelona Garden, 2001–‘wild things’ & cactus

Posted on May 22, 2010


If you walk south from the harbour in Barcelona, you will find an area devoted to park.  You pass a ridge, rocks layered in two directions.    Further on is a public garden featuring cactus.

My daughter and I first encountered this garden in 1999, but we came upon it when it was getting dark.   So we couldn’t really do justice to it with a camera on that trip.  The park was kind of fairy tale in the half-dark.  It reminded us of the landscapes in Where the Wild Things Are.

When I returned to Barcelona in 2001, I was determined to get better pictures.  When I got to the park, it was closed to the public.  I snuck in.  (Please don’t tell.)

I found strange black roses–sort of.

A patch of alien pumpkins.

Cactus flowers in bloom.

And a cactus forest.

All photos copyright 2001/2010 by Theo Collins

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