Letter From 800 Virginia Scientists to A-G Ken Cuccinelli

Posted on May 19, 2010


In response to the on-going persecution of climate scientist Michael Mann by Virginia Republican denier-in-chief, Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, 800 Virginia scientists have signed a letter of protest.  This is the letter.

May 18, 2010
Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II
Office of the Attorney General
900 East Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli,

As scientists and academic leaders living and working in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we strongly urge you to rescind the April 23, 2010 Civil Investigative Demand your office issued to the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia regarding the scientific research of Dr. Michael Mann. The request is unfounded and could undermine the effectiveness of not only climate scientists but also thousands of other Virginia researchers.

Science thrives on rigorous debate and a frank exchange of differing ideas and perspectives. The freedom of scientists to openly disagree and discuss critical scientific topics has brought Virginia and the United States prosperity and global leadership in science. Research shows that scientific discovery is held back when government officials harass scientists1.

Transparency is important to ensuring that the integrity of scientific research is upheld.  Fortunately, there are numerous safeguards within science that root out scientific misconduct. It is entirely appropriate for scientific institutions to review the work of scientists and hold them accountable for their actions. But scientists who face unwarranted legal intimidation will be less able to make new discoveries that can protect our health, safety, and environment.

Scientists in Virginia are working hard to better understand how our climate is changing and how we might best avoid the most devastating consequences of global warming in Virginia and elsewhere. They are searching for cures for diseases, measuring the toxicity of environmental contaminants, and developing new technologies that will keep America strong. If scientists are to be successful in serving the public good, they must have the freedom to explore ideas without fearing that any individual statement or email will be taken out of context.

Virginia’s colleges and universities–as well as its private sector–thrive on innovation and have a proud tradition of scientific research and discovery that dates back to the days of Thomas Jefferson. Actions that interfere with the academic freedom of scientists and their ability to challenge the ideas of other scientists threaten this legacy.

In the interests of the people of Virginia, we urge you to halt this burdensome and entirely unwarranted investigation.

cc: Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell

1 Kempner J (2008) “The Chilling Effect: How Do Researchers React to Controversy?” Public Library of Science
Medicine 5(11): e222.

Signed by:   (Institutions are listed for identification only)

Christopher Newport University (5 Signers)

Kathleen Brunke, Ph.D.  Geoffrey Klein, Ph.D.  Mario Mazzarella, Ph.D.  Michael Meyer, Ph.D.  Edward Weiss, Ph.D.

College of William and Mary (38 Signers)

Jonathan Arries, Ph.D.  Carey Bagdassarian, Ph.D.  Jayne Barnard  Christy Burns, Ph.D.  Francie Cate-Arries, Ph.D.  Peter Derks, Ph.D.  Joshua Erlich, Ph.D.  Andrew Fisher, Ph.D.  Mark Forsyth, Ph.D.  Mark Fowler, Ph.D.  George Greenia, Ph.D.  Gregory Hancock, Ph.D.  Judith Haris, Ph.D.  Rebecca Hulsee  Stephen Knudson, Ph.D.  John Levy  Linda Malone  Elizabeth Mead  Leisa Meyer, Ph.D.  John Nezlek, Ph.D.  Giulia Pacini, Ph.D.  Emily Pease  Paula Pickering, Ph.D.  Robert Pike, Ph.D.  Jennifer Putzi, Ph.D.  Ann Reed, Ph.D.  Erin Ryan  Michael Saman, Ph.D.  Nancy Schoenberger  Glenn Shean, Ph.D.  Robert Stephens, Ph.D.  John Swaddle, Ph.D.  Jennifer Taylor, Ph.D.  David Thompson, Ph.D.  Michael Tierney, Ph.D.  Carol Tieso, Ph.D.  Alan Wallach, Ph.D.  Judith Zwelling

George Mason University (85 Signers)

Jeremy Allnutt, Ph.D.  Paul Ammann, Ph.D.  Daniel Gustav Anderson  Eric Anderson, Ph.D.  David Arditi  Dominique Banville, Ph.D.  Steven Barnes, Ph.D. Ernest Barreto, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Bassett  Doris Bitler, Ph.D.  Kim Bloomquist  D. Michael Bottoms, Ph.D.  Steven Brazer, Ph.D.  Alan Brody  Erin Capshaw-Taylor  Suzanne Carbonneau, Ph.D.  Meagan Chevalier  Gregory Cochran  Mark Cooley  Hillary Boyle Cressey, Ph.D.  Shannon Davis, Ph.D.  Albert DeFazio III, Ph.D.  Timothy DelSole, Ph.D.  Jane Dicicco  Esther Elstun, Ph.D.  Adriana Falco  Peggy Feerick  Gerald FitzGerald  Rebecca Forrest  Gregory Foster, Ph.D.  Aaron Frank  Chawky Frenn  Kristine Ganley  Erinn Gideons  Anne Gilbert  Royce Gildersleeve  Rebecca Goldin, Ph.D.  Michele Greet, Ph.D.  Hugh Gusterson, Ph.D.  Tamara Harvey, Ph.D.  Amy Hasselkus  Nellie Hauchman  John Healey, Ph.D.  Susan Hirsch, Ph.D.  Thomas Huff  Mark Jacobs, Ph.D.  R. Chris Jones, Ph.D.  Kerry Kaleba  J. Scott Killen  Eden King, Ph.D.  Margaret Klein  Barry Klinger, Ph.D.  Gretchen Knaack  David Kravitz, Ph.D.  Erika Lin, Ph.D.  Joseph Luchman  Daniel Ludington  Allison Macfarlane, Ph.D.  Edward Maibach, Ph.D.  Joseph Maxwell, Ph.D.  Robert Meier, Ph.D.  Janette Muir, Ph.D.  Nicole Nottingham  Jeff Offutt, Ph.D.  Nathalia Peixoto, Ph.D.  Arthur Poland, Ph.D.  Lisa Rabin, Ph.D.  Earle Reybold, Ph.D.  Carmen Rioux-Bailey  Larry Rockwood  Jandos Rothstein  Katherine Rowan, Ph.D.  Philip Rubin, Ph.D.  Edwin Schneider, Ph.D.  Paul Schopf, Ph.D.  Zachary M. Schrag, Ph.D.  Kimberly Sheridan, Ph.D.  Paul So, Ph.D.  Valery Soyfer, Ph.D.  Bonnie Stabile, Ph.D.  Dean Taciuch, Ph.D.  Susan Trencher, Ph.D.  Melinda Villagran, Ph.D.  Kristen Willett  Adam Winsler, Ph.D.

James Madison University (31 Signers)

Steve Baedke, Ph.D.  Marta Bechtel, Ph.D.  Dennis Beck, Ph.D.  David Brakke, Ph.D.  David Ehrenpreis, Ph.D.  Michael Galgano, Ph.D.  Ralph Grove, Ph.D.  Susan Halsell, Ph.D.  Reid Harris, Ph.D.  Anthony Hartshorn, Ph.D.  David Jaynes, Ph.D.  Jon Kastendiek, Ph.D.  Steven Keffer, Ph.D.  Thomas King, Ph.D.  Cynthia Klevickis, Ph.D.  Mary Loe, Ph.D.  Debra Mohler, Ph.D.  Jonathan Monroe, Ph.D.  Carole Nash, Ph.D.  Charles Pruett, Ph.D.  Charles Rice  Kenneth Roth, Ph.D.  Christopher Runyon  Bryan Saville, Ph.D.  Kyle Seifert, Ph.D.  Kimberly Slekar, Ph.D.  Angela Staton, Ph.D.  Maria Wessel  Bruce Wiggins, Ph.D.  Roshna Wunderlich, Ph.D.  Tracy Zinn, Ph.D.

Old Dominion University (19 Signers)

Linda Bennington  Janet Bing, Ph.D.  Rebecca Bray, Ph.D.  David Burdige, Ph.D.  James Cox, Ph.D.  Gregory Cutter, Ph.D.  Frank Day, Ph.D.  David Earnest, Ph.D.  Kenneth FitzGerald  William Ford  Dennis Gregory  Russell Haines, Ph.D.  Maura Hametz, Ph.D.  Edward Jacobs, Ph.D.  Sebastian Kuhn, Ph.D.  Jane Merritt, Ph.D.  Charles Overstreet, Ph.D.  Donald Swift, Ph.D.  Richard Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Radford University (15 signers)

I. Barland, Ph.D.  Paula Brush, Ph.D.  Jack Call, Ph.D.  Stephen Corwin, Ph.D.  Gary Cote, Ph.D.  Renee Dickinson, Ph.D.  Joel Hagen, Ph.D.  Kay Jordan, Ph.D.  Glen Martin, Ph.D.  Michele Ren, Ph.D.  Basel Saleh, Ph.D.  Robert Sheehy, Ph.D.  Becker Smith, Ph.D.  Jill Stewart, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Willner, Ph.D.

Randolph-Macon College (30 Signers)

Amy Armenia, Ph.D.  Denise Bissler, Ph.D.  Kimberly Borchard, Ph.D.  Jen Cadwallader, Ph.D.  David Clark, Ph.D.  Joan Conners, Ph.D.  Kim Cressy  Elsa Falls  Matthew Francis, Ph.D.  Amy Goodwin, Ph.D.  Nora Green, Ph.D.  Sarah Huber, Ph.D.  Alva Hughes, Ph.D.  Caron Leonard  Jay McGhee, Ph.D.  Richard Meagher, Ph.D.  Rebecca Michelsen, Ph.D.  Todd Munson, Ph.D.  Thomas Porter, Ph.D.  Laurie Preston  Robert Resnick, Ph.D.  Adrian Rice, Ph.D.  Cedar Riener, Ph.D.  Debra Rodman, Ph.D.  Maria Scott, Ph.D.  George Spagna, Ph.D.  Evie Terrono, Ph.D.  Jack Trammell, Ph.D.  Brian Turner, Ph.D.  Lynda Wright

University of Mary Washington (21 Signers)

Nabil Al-Tikriti, Ph.D.  Robert Barr, Ph.D.  Tracy Citeroni, Ph.D.  Katherine Crowder, Ph.D.  Edward Gable, Ph.D.  Angela Gosetti-Murrayjohn, Ph.D.  Roy F. Gratz, Ph.D.  Jodie Hayob, Ph.D.  Margaret Huber, Ph.D.  Joella Killian, Ph.D.  Kristin Marsh, Ph.D.  Susan Matts, Ph.D.  Denis Nissim-Sabat, Ph.D.  Warren Rochelle, Ph.D.  Joseph Romero, Ph.D.  Douglas Sanford, Ph.D.  Charles Sharpless, Ph.D.  Melanie Szulczewski, Ph.D.  Craig Vasey, Ph.D. Stephen Watkins, Ph.D.  Grant Woodwell, Ph.D.

University of Richmond (26 Signers)

Emory Bunn, Ph.D.  Erik Craft, Ph.D.  Chiles Downey, Ph.D.  Robert Galgano, Ph.D.  Jane Geaney, Ph.D.  James Gibson  Gerard Gilfoyle, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Hass, Ph.D.  April Hill, Ph.D.  Malcolm Hill, Ph.D.  Raymond Hilliard, Ph.D.  Melanie Holloway  Woody Holton, Ph.D.  Crystal Hoyt, Ph.D.  David Kitchen, Ph.D.  Todd Lookingbill, Ph.D.  Ladelle McWhorter, Ph.D.  Robert Phillips, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Riehl, Ph.D.  Nicole Sackley, Ph.D.  David Salisbury, Ph.D.  Gary Shapiro, Ph.D.  Miranda Shaw, Ph.D.  Chris Stevenson, Ph.D.  Setphen Tallman, Ph.D.  Hugh West, Ph.D.

University of Virginia (297 Signers)

Mary Abouzeid, Ph.D.  Beverly Adams, Ph.D.  Mathew Affron, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Ahlman  Saha Akhtar, Ph.D.  Joseph Allen, Ph.D.  John Arras, Ph.D.  Phil Arras, Ph.D.  Jon Ashley  Ottilie Austin, Ph.D.  Marianne Baernholdt, Ph.D. Stefan Baessler, Ph.D.  Reid Bailey, Ph.D.  Kenneth Ballew, M.D.  Raul Baragiola, Ph.D.  Marva Barnett, Ph.D.  Paul Barolsky, Ph.D.  Ira Bashkow, Ph.D.  Ellen Bass, Ph.D.  Daniel Becker, M.D.  Bradford Bennett, Ph.D.  Toby Berger, Ph.D.  Sarah Betzer, Ph.D.  Thomas Biggs, Ph.D.  Sydney Blair  Susan Blank, M.D.  Robert Bloodgood, Ph.D.  George Bloom, Ph.D.  Louis Bloomfield, Ph.D.  Linda Blum, Ph.D.  Aniko Bodroghkozy, Ph.D.  Alison Booth, Ph.D.  Cheryl Bourguignon, Ph.D.  Diane Boyer  William E. Brant, M.D.  Herbert Braun, Ph.D.  Eric Bredo, Ph.D.  Talbot Brewer, Ph.D.  Jay Brown, Ph.D.  Michael Brown, Ph.D.  Daniel Burke, Ph.D.  Ted Burns, M.D.  C. Colston Burrell  James Burroughs, Ph.D.  John Bushweller, Ph.D.  David Cafiso, Ph.D.  Anselmo Canfora  Peter J. Capuano, Ph.D.  David Carr, Ph.D.  Ladi Carr, Ph.D.  Ryan Carter  Enrico Cesaretti, Ph.D.  Ted Chang, Ph.D.  Shu-chen Chen, Ph.D.  Sylvia Chong, Ph.D.  Dieckmann Cogill  George Cohen  Lisa Colosi, Ph.D.  James Conklin  Deborah Conway  Jean Cooper  Dewey Cornell, Ph.D.  Bernard Cosby, Ph.D.  Donald Crabb, Ph.D.  Sheil Crane, Ph.D.  Alison Criss, Ph.D.  Teresa Culver, Ph.D.  Bryan Cwik  Mark Dalton, Ph.D.  Frederick Damon, Ph.D.  Eve Danziger, Ph.D.  Karen Dawn  Douglas DeSimone, Ph.D.  Nancy Deutsch, Ph.D.  John Dobbins, Ph.D.  Paolo D’Odorico, Ph.D.  Peter Dolph  Robin Dripps  Kelly Dryden, Ph.D.  Hoyt Duggan, Ph.D.  Ryan Duve  Edward Egelman, Ph.D.  Daniel Ehnbom, Ph.D.  Elizabeth Epstein, Ph.D.  Howard Epstein, Ph.D.  Anna Estes  Amato Evan, Ph.D.  Ashley Faulkner  Jessica Feldman, Ph.D.  Rita Felski, Ph.D.  Gerard Fitzgerald, Ph.D.  Douglas Fordham, Ph.D.  Elizabeth Fortune  Michael Fowler, Ph.D.  Paula Fracasso, M.D.  Susan Fraiman, Ph.D.  Wolfgang Friesen, Ph.D.  Ted Galbraith  Reginald H Garrett, Ph.D.  Ronald Gaykema, Ph.D.  Edward Gaynor  David Germano, Ph.D.  Virginia Germino Brie Gertler, Ph.D.  Alexander Gil  Ian Glomski, Ph.D.  Emily Gravett  Mitchell Green, Ph.D.  Pablo Grigera, Ph.D.  Paul Groner, Ph.D.  Stephanie Guerlain, Ph.D.  Nicole Gugliucci  Barry Gumbiner, Ph.D.  Joshua Gurian, Ph.D.  Grace Hale, Ph.D.  Paul Halliday, Ph.D.  Robin Hamill-Ruth, M.D.  Ann Hamric, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Hantman, Ph.D.  Ian Harrison, Ph.D.  Emily Hauenstein, Ph.D.  John Hawley, Ph.D.  Gustav Heldt, Ph.D.  Melissa Henriksen, Ph.D.  David Herman, Ph.D.  Janet Herman, Ph.D.  Jay Hertel, Ph.D.  Margaret Heubeck  Robert Hirosky, Ph.D.  Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, Ph.D.  George Hoke, M.D.  Jeffrey Holt, Ph.D.  Janet Horne, Ph.D.  Alan Horwitz, Ph.D.  Walt Hunter  Robert Johnson, Ph.D.  William Johnson, Ph.D.  Donald Jones  Catherine Kane, Ph.D.  Dean Kedes, M.D.  Douglas Keith, M.D.  Robert Kelly, Ph.D.  Hilary Kerner  Matt Kessler  Joseph Kett, Ph.D.  Lee Kevin, Ph.D.  Sepideh Khorasanizadeh, Ph.D.  Adelaide King, Ph.D.  Daniel Kinney, Ph.D.  Mable Kinzie, Ph.D.  Donald Kirwan, Ph.D.  Nicholas Kuhn, Ph.D.  Deborah Lannigan, Ph.D.  Josephine Lannigan  Deborah Lawrence, Ph.D.  Catherine Leslie, M.D.  Lembit Lilleleht, Ph.D.  Eric Lott, Ph.D.  David Lowe  Victor Luftig, Ph.D.  Kevin Lynch, Ph.D.  Ian Macara, Ph.D.  Timothy Macdonald, Ph.D.  Vahe Mamyan  James Mandell, Ph.D.  Thomas Mark, Ph.D.  Megan Marlatt  Janette Martin, Ph.D.  Eric Maslen, Ph.D.  Amy Mathers, M.D.  Fred E Maus, Ph.D.  Cliff Maxwell  Carol Lynn Maxwell-Thompson  Jerry McCormick-Ray  M. McCormick-Ray, Ph.D.  Marcia McDuffie, M.D.  Jerome Mcgann, Ph.D.  Karen McGlathery, Ph.D.  Susan McKinnon, Ph.D.  John McLaren, Ph.D.  Allan Megill, Ph.D.  DeForest Mellon, Ph.D.  Michael Menaker  Larry Mesner, Ph.D.  Jennifer Middlesworth  Erik Midelfort, Ph.D.  Farzaneh Milani, Ph.D.  Aaron Mills, Ph.D.  Vidyabhushan Mohan  Jennie Moody, Ph.D.  Edith Morris  Daniel Moseley, Ph.D.  Edward Murphy, Ph.D.  J. Murray, Ph.D.  Christopher Neu, Ph.D.  Selina Noramly, Ph.D.  Donald Norum  Bethany Nowviskie, Ph.D.  Peter Ochs, Ph.D.  John O’Connell, Ph.D.  Robert O’Connell, Ph.D.  Lindsay O’Connor  Gregory Orr  Duane Osheim, Ph.D.  Michael Pace, Ph.D.  Ricardo Padron, Ph.D.  Arnico Panday, Ph.D.  Sonal Pandya, Ph.D.  John Parker, Ph.D.  Lisa Pastore, Ph.D.  Geeta Patel, Ph.D.  Richard Patterson, Ph.D.  Jennifer Petersen, Ph.D.  Olivier Pfister, Ph.D.  Lucia Phinney  Margaret Plews-Ogan,  M.D.  Claire Ponitz, Ph.D.  Robert Powers, M.D.  Ignacio Provencio, Ph.D.  Michael Puri, Ph.D.  Leslie Rahuba  Benjamin Ray, Ph.D.  Judith Reagan  Lisa Reilly, Ph.D.  Ariell Reshef, Ph.D.  William Rhodes  Emilie Rissman, Ph.D.  Margo Roberts, Ph.D.  Robert Rood, Ph.D.  Marlon Ross, Ph.D.  Tai Roulston, Ph.D.  David Rouse, Ph.D.  James Rovnyak, Ph.D.  Virginia Rovnyak, Ph.D.  William Ruddiman, Ph.D.  Craig Sarazin, Ph.D.  Marc Sarti, M.D.  Todd Scanlon, Ph.D.
Joel Schectman, M.D. Martin Schwartz, Ph.D.  Arthur Schwarzschild, Ph.D.  David Sewell, Ph.D.  Henry Sharp, Ph.D.  Judith Shatin, Ph.D.  Mark Sherriff, Ph.D.  Weibin Shi, Ph.D.  William Shobe, Ph.D.  Marie Shoffner, Ph.D.  Herman Shugart, Ph.D.  Sandhya Shukla, Ph.D.  James Simmonds, Ph.D.  Howard Singerman, Ph.D.  Jeffrey Sitler  Malcolm Smith, Ph.D.  Fred Smyth, Ph.D.  Mary Lou Soffa, Ph.D.  Janet Stack, Ph.D.  Ruth Stornetta, Ph.D.  Thomas Sturgill, M.D.  Michael Suarez, Ph.D.   Richard Sundberg, Ph.D.  James Sutphen, M.D.  Gabor Szabo, Ph.D.  Robert Tai  Ronald Taylor, Ph.D.  Ronald Taylor, Ph.D.  Emilio Tejera  Harry Thacker, Ph.D.  Thomas Thompson, Ph.D.  Herbert Tucker, Ph.D.  Sharon Utz, Ph.D.  Siva Vaidhyanathan, Ph.D.  Ray Van Ausdal, Ph.D.  Ramkumar Venkatanarayana, Ph.D.  J.H. Verkerke  John Voss, M.D.  William Walker, Ph.D.  Heather Warren, Ph.D.  Gail Wertz, Ph.D.  Kath Weston, Ph.D.  Judith White, Ph.D.  K. Preston White, Jr., Ph.D.  Patricia Wiberg, Ph.D.  Jennifer Wicke, Ph.D.  Bruce Williams, Ph.D.  Christopher Willoughby, M.D.  Richard Guy Wilson, Ph.D.  Andrew Wolf, M.D.  Dorothy Wong, Ph.D.  Meredith Woo, Ph.D.  Michael Wormington,  Ph.D.  David Wotton, Ph.D.  Amy Wrentmore, M.D.  Jongsoo Yoon, Ph.D.  Wen Yuan, Ph.D.  Joseph Zieman, Ph.D.  Elke Zschaebitz

Virginia Commonwealth University (31 Signers)

Kevin Beanland, Ph.D.   Charles Byles, Ph.D.  John Cain, Ph.D.  Kathryn Candler  Patricia Cummins, Ph.D.  Gregory Donovan, Ph.D.  Shannon Dowling  Therese Dozier  Paul Fawcett, Ph.D.  Jessica Gordon  Peter Henry  John Heroy  Elizabeth Kreydatus, Ph.D.  Marlene Kustesky  Audrey Lafrenaye, Ph.D.  Kathleen Lynch, Ph.D.  Jacqueline Mcdonnough, Ph.D.  Eugene Mills, Ph.D.  Martin Murphy, Ph.D.  Gabriel Reich, Ph.D.  Susan Robinson, Ph.D.  Carol Schall, Ph.D.  Tricia Smith, Ph.D.  Melanie Sterling  Kevin Sutherland, Ph.D.  R Swenson, Ph.D.  Louie Szari  Robert Tombes, Ph.D.  Matthew Wallin  David Williams, Ph.D.  Raphael Witorsch, Ph.D.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (71 Signers)

Zach Adelman, Ph.D.  R. Michael Akers, Ph.D.  Danny Axsom, Ph.D.  Thomas Banko, Ph.D.  John Barrett, Ph.D.  Barbara Bekken, Ph.D.  Lisa Belden, Ph.D.  Michael Bliss, Ph.D.  Christina Blue  Robert Brown, Ph.D.  Maggie Bump, Ph.D.  Richard Burian, Ph.D.  Toni Calasanti, Ph.D.   Laurence Carstensen, Ph.D.  G. William Claus, Ph.D.  James Collier, Ph.D.  Jamshid Davoodi, Ph.D.  Desiree Di Mauro, Ph.D.  Elizabeth Diesel  Theo A. Dillaha, Ph.D.  Tom Diller, Ph.D.  Norman Dowling, Ph.D.  Felicia Etzkorn, Ph.D. Luca Fedele, Ph.D.  Marcia Feuerstein, Ph.D.  William FitzPatrick, Ph.D.  Diana George, Ph.D.  Harry Gibson, Ph.D.  John Hole, Ph.D.  Susan Hutson, Ph.D.  Carol Johnson  Young Ju, Ph.D.  Mary  Kasarda, Ph.D.  Patricia Kelly, Ph.D.  Paul Kelsch, Ph.D.  Lisa Kennedy, Ph.D.  Peter Kennelly, Ph.D.  James Knight, Ph.D.  Theodore Koebel, Ph.D.  Michal Kowalewski, Ph.D.  Noel Krieg, Ph.D.  Jack Lesko, Ph.D.  Kieran Lindsey, Ph.D.  Dan Linford  Cortney Martin, Ph.D.  Simon May, Ph.D.  Tom McAvoy  Mike Meyer  Ignacio Moore, Ph.D.  Wayne Neu, Ph.D.  Lydia Patton, Ph.D.  Douglas Pfeiffer, Ph.D.  Joseph Pitt, Ph.D.  Linda Plaut   James Read, Ph.D.  Wornie Reed, Ph.D.  Chris Roberts, Ph.D.  Everett Roberts  L. David Roper, Ph.D.  Webster Santos, Ph.D.  Crandall Shifflett, Ph.D.  Mack Sirgy, Ph.D.  Marcia Stefani  G Rodney Thompson, Ph.D.  Gerard Toal, Ph.D.  Robert Tracy, Ph.D.  Michael  Williams, Ph.D.  Dale Wimberley, Ph.D.  Richard Wokutch, Ph.D.  Justin Yonker  Ying Zhou, Ph.D.

Other Institutions and Non-Affiliated ( 140 Signers)

Ernest Ackermann, Ph.D.  Adam Ahmed C Denise Albanese, Ph.D.  Rebecca Ambers, Ph.D.   Iris Anderson, Ph.D.  Paula Baldwin  Virginia Barber, M.D.  Stephen Barthelson, Ph.D.  Pamela Barton  Malcolm Bell, Ph.D.  Kenneth Bernard  Gretchen Boise  Shane Bomar  Judith A Booker  Bruce Boucher, Ph.D.  Richard Brandt, Ph.D.  Keith Brill  Lincoln Brower, Ph.D.  Kerry Brown  Guy Buford  Brad Bullock, Ph.D.  Beth Cady, Ph.D.  Karen Cairns, Ph.D.  John Carlson, Ph.D.  Ela Carpenter  Chris Catanzaro, Ph.D.  Lin Chambers, Ph.D.  John Chang  Richard Chapman, Ph.D.  Nancy Cowden, Ph.D.  Isabelle Cozzarelli, Ph.D.  Pamela Crawford  Becky Daiss  Jason Deich, Ph.D.  Pamela DeWeese, Ph.D.  John Diamond  Vesta Downer  Patricia Elias  Robert Ellsworth, Ph.D.  Robert Emery, Ph.D.  Ann Evans, Ph.D.  Richard Fernsler, Ph.D.    Michael Furey, Ph.D.  Jennifer Gaden  Jillian Galle, Ph.D.  Mary Gibson, Ph.D.  Timothy Gibson, Ph.D.  David Glover, Ph.D.  Jose Goity, Ph.D.  David Gordon, Ph.D.  John Goulde, Ph.D.  Heather Govenor  Jason Guard  Jay Gulledge, Ph.D.  Eugene Hampton  Jackson Harper, Ph.D.  Frederick Hayden, M.D.  Cassie Hays, Ph.D.  Lars Helgert, Ph.D.  J. Mike Henrietta  Tammy Hertel, Ph.D.  Sean Hoare, Ph.D.  Chris Hogger, Ph.D.  John R Holmes, Ph.D.  Gene Hyde  David Hyland-Wood, Ph.D.  Gordon Jacoby, Ph.D.  Raymond Jirran, Ph.D.  Sharon P. Johnson, Ph.D.  David Kaiser  Pelin Kavak  William Keene  Charles Kirby, M.D.  Jonathan Krall, Ph.D.  Mary Kutteruf  Judith Lang, Ph.D.  Robert Larys, M.D.  Dr. Richard Lasker, Ph.D.  Patrick Liverpool, Ph.D.  Christine Llewellyn, M.D.  Diane Lowe, M.D.  Jian Lu, Ph.D.  Andrzej Manitius, Ph.D.  Kate Mason  Meredith McCarthy  Sandra McDonald, Ph.D.  Christian McMillen, Ph.D.  William Melson, Ph.D.  Fred Metz, Ph.D.  Robert Miller, Ph.D.  John B. Mingus  Mark Minton, Ph.D.  Scott Mitchell  Thomas Mitchell, M.D.  David Mog, Ph.D.  John Peterson Myers, Ph.D.  rekha nadkarni  Morton Nadler, Ph.D.  Mary Natkin  Fraser Neiman, Ph.D.  Daniel F O’Connell  Kenneth Overway, Ph.D.  Benjamin Owen  Bruce Parker  Jerome Paulson, M.D.  Sharon Payne  Christopher Peloso  Michael Pelton, Ph.D.  James Perry, Ph.D.  Yen Phung  Dr. Robert Poignant,   Ph.D.  Ana Prados, Ph.D.  Daniel Pulido  Doug Rendleman  Duncan Richter, Ph.D.  Kim Roddis, Ph.D.  Susy Rothschild, Ph.D.  Jesse Sawyer  Meghan Schulz  Ingrid Schulze, Ph.D.  Christian Sheridan, Ph.D.  Michael J. Smith, Ph.D.  Robin Smith, Ph.D.  Amanda Staudt, Ph.D.  Andrew Stoddard, Ph.D.  Carey Stronach, Ph.D.  Sarah Swank, Ph.D.  Amy Thompson, Ph.D.  Stephn Thompson, Ph.D.  Nancy Ticknor, Ph.D.  William Van Alstyne  Jimmy Viers, Ph.D.  Robert Webber, Ph.D.  Marjorie Wheeler-Barclay, Ph.D.  Heather Wicke, Ph.D.  James Wilcox  Ernest Wilson, Ph.D.  Aaron Wunsch, Ph.D.  Martin Zahn