Oil Can Bill – a doggerel ode to corporate law

Posted on May 18, 2010


Note:  Enbridge, which is proposing to build a pipeline across BC crossing 700 streams and endangering our coastline, has arranged it so that the company that builds the pipeline is corporately separate from the company that extracts the oil, ensuring that in the case of a major spill–and spills are inevitable–Canadian taxpayers, not Enbridge, will be footing most of the bill.  Just so you know.

Let me tell you a story about Oil Can Bill

Who built a big tank on top of the hill

He built it cheap and he built it fast

He built it high and he built it gassed

He built it way up above the town

And when it burst the town went down.

But let me tell you Bill was clever

The town said, “Pay!” And Bill said, “Never!

“The supreme court says that I can hire

All the politicians that I desire.

And I’m sorry, but you can’t sue me

‘Cause I have limited liability.

Corporate law, you have to thank,

For the right to sue my broken tank.”

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