New York Times, Wall St. Journal & Washington Post reject 255 scientists.

Posted on May 13, 2010


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If 255 members of the US Academy of Sciences called up (11 of them being Nobel Prize winners) and said, “We want to do an op-ed column in your paper about climate change.  You good with that?”–what would you say?

Evidently, if you are the editorial boards of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and/or the Washington Post, you forget to return the call.

It’s easy to imagine the chatter around the editorial tables.

Who do these scientists think they are, anyway, waving their credentials about like that?  Don’t they know that’s going to shut down any meaningful discussion?

The populist point of view was, of course, upheld.  That grand American tradition of anti-intellectualism.

People are going to think, “Sheesh!  Do I have to have a Nobel Prize too, before anybody is going to listen to my opinion?”

Three major newspapers willing to throw away all journalistic integrity–turning chill shoulders to 255 scientists, their National Academy and their Nobel Prizes too–just so lunkheads (and climate change deniers) don’t feel intimidated by hoity-toity scientists.

It’s breathtaking, in a choking, can’t-breathe, sort of way.


See this delightful (and much more thorough-going) post from Climate Progress, for the telling details: