Remembering the Future

Posted on May 3, 2010


Shall we look at the statistics?  Not today.

It is a sobering reality for someone who likes to tiptoe over to the rational side as often I do.  (Drink some coffee.  Have a chat….)  But appealing to the rational side is actually counter-productive when you’re trying to get people to act on something.

I read today where people give twice as much to a charity which helps one person–a real individual–than to a charity which offers to help eight.  Numbers numb compassion.

So no numbers today.

Why fight climate change?  Because it’s the future.  The future affects all of us in varying amounts, but those who are going to live there the longest, among those we know, are the children.

Find a child attached to you–your own, a grandchild, a favourite niece or nephew.

Give them a hug.

If you have to walk a little more, buy a little less, postpone your airplane trip a little longer, remember–as you give your hug–that with you and hugging back, warm and small in your arms, is the future you are doing it for.

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