Conservative Values — USA-Style

Posted on March 3, 2009



Today Obama released information concerning the state of conservative values during the administration of George W. Bush. After 9/11, the Justice department issued a series of nine memos discussing the nature of Presidential powers during the “war on terror”.

According to the Justice Department, the President had the power to unilaterally suspend the constitutional rights of US citizens, without consulting with or even informing the other branches of government. That is, according to the Justice Department, the War on Terror gave the President the right to suspend the constitution and assume supreme power over the country, you know, like a military dictator or a king.

According to these memos, the President could order wiretapping of US citizens without a warrant, could suspend freedom of speech and freedom of the press, could torture, could imprison people without trail or charge, and so on.

Good ol’ G.W. didn’t go for all of that. Maybe a little torture, some wiretapping, withholding of habeus corpus and right to a fair trial, and that sort of stuff. But not the whole shebang. See. That proves he had values. Not very many of them, but some.

We hear today also about the CIA and what they were allowed to do under Bush. Evidently they deliberately destroyed 92 videotapes of, for instance, prisoner interrogations, so that they didn’t have to place them in evidence in court. What was on those videotapes we now will never know.

My guess is that those tapes depicted “conservative values” in action. The CIA was really just trying to protect us from having to look at it up close. They have our interests at heart, I’m sure.

I mean you don’t want the entire country getting sick to the stomach all at once. Think of what it would do to the economy, a whole nation getting ill all on the same day.

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