The Good Guys

Posted on February 17, 2009



I read recently about a man zapped 24 times by the RCMP in a police station, with the videotape recording the event mysteriously going missing afterwards.

Then there is that recent drunken spree on Burrard Street where officers from several departments allegedly kicked and robbed a South Asian man, explaining that they did not like brown people.

Also there have been several high profile police-involved homicides.

One guy falls two stories through a plate glass window.  He’s unarmed, naked and bleeding from two stab wounds.  The police declare him a danger and zap him to death.

A homeless man, drunk, soaked to the skin, suffering from hypothermia, unable to walk, is thrown out of a police station in the middle of the night and abandoned in a wet December alley to die.

Then there is that poor Polish guy zapped to death for the terrible crime of throwing furniture around.

What do the police say?  Well, they don’t really approve of robbing citizens in front of witnesses, although zapping them here and there is all right, and just one of the perks of the job.  And they insist that they are doing the best they can, and aside from some boys-will-be-boys rough-housing, shouldn’t be thought of as a danger to the public.

They’re still the good guys, they claim.

That isn’t necessarily my opinion.

On top of all the stuff mentioned above is the Vancouver City Police’s ever-growing  campaign of harassment against the homeless.  Proof that the homeless are being targeted by the police is the fact that tickets given out to the homeless went up 50% last year.  Fifty percent.  The ‘good guys’ have apparently decided that not having a place to live is a crime.  (Well, maybe it is, but in that case Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper should be arrested right away.)

And of course the reason police are systematically harassing our homeless citizens is in an attempt to get them out of sight in time for the Olympics in 2010.  That kind of behaviour has a name and it’s called social-cleansing.  The Nazis practiced it.  So now does the Vancouver City Police and the City of Vancouver.

I’m afraid that doesn’t make them the good guys according to any non-fascist moral code.

The fascists were self-righteous too.

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